As boaters, paddlers, swimmers, surfers – however we choose to get out and enjoy our waterways, we have a responsibility and an active role to play in taking care of them for the future.

Whether it’s an ocean, lake, river, or even your backyard pond – every waterway matters. These guides are designed to help you navigate the different ways you can make a difference in protecting your slice of Canadian paradise!

Help us reduce pollution, protect marine mammals, create a sustainable approach to waterway use and make Canada a leader in environmentally-safe boating around the world.

It’s very easy to become overwhelmed by the environmental problems that we face on waterways globally, but the best thing to do is just start by being part of the solution – one step at a time.

Resources have been created for you by the CPS-ECP National Environment Committee.

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Boaters and Marine Mammals – Safety and Stewardship
Plastics Pollution – Sustainable Boating in Canada Waterways
Protecting Our Waterways Environment

Our purpose is to raise awareness and help boaters play a role in protecting our waterways:

  1. Reduce risk to boaters and marine mammals
  2. Outline our relationship with waterways
  3. Increase action that contributes to conservation and research
  4. Further enhance the potential of on-water enjoyment
  5. Empower CPS-ECP members to practice aquatic stewardship

Share your stories of environmentally conscious boating by using #BoatBlue on Social Media. SOCIAL MEDIA.

Thank you on behalf of the rivers, lakes and seas!

– CPS-ECP National Environment Committee