Our Squadrons Lake St-Louis Montréal West Island

The district was officially formed on September 30, 2004.  Maisonneuve District was split along linguistic lines forming St Lawrence and Amiral districts.

St Lawrence District originally consisted of 4 English squadrons. Montréal, Lake St-Louis, West Island and Lake of Two Mountains. Providing English language course instructions primarily in the Montréal region.

In April 2017, following a long period of inactivity, the Lake of Two Mountain Squadron surrendered their warrant to National, ceasing operations. Squadron memberships were transferred to other squadrons within our district.

Historically each squadron is structured to act autonomously and elect its own officers to organize it activities. The district role was to assist and provide guidance.

However due to the reduced number of volunteers and a duplication of tasks it was proposed and accepted by the majority of squadron members to consolidate all squadron and district functions.  This structure (following a trial pilot project period) was approved by the National Executive Committee in 2016.  We received recognition for our innovation by being awarded "District of the Year 2018".

Today our district continues to work along side Cartier District on joint activities such as the Salon du Bateau de Montréal , Safety Flare Disposal Day and Marketing Québec.