Transport Canada Guidelines for Boaters during the COVID-19 Pandemic

The recreational boating season is set to begin for much of Canada, and increases in pleasure boat traffic may heighten the risk of COVID-19 transmission, and put additional pressure on first responders, for search and rescue operations. To reduce this risk, the Government of Canada strongly recommends that non-essential travel be avoided wherever possible, and that the following guidelines be observed when operating or travelling on pleasure craft.

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Who has Right of Way when Boating?

Who has the “Right of Way” in various situations is set out by regulated Marine Rules of the Road.

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Tips for Buying a Boat Online

Have you ever wondered how to find great deals or rare items? Here is a different take on searching the classifieds.

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Where to go boating

I often get asked from CPS-ECP members and non-members: Where is s good place to go boating in my area?

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Near Shore Speed Limits

It is Your Legal Responsibility to Operate Your Boat at a Safe Speed and Be Aware of Your Wake.

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New Laws and Regulations That Apply to Pleasure Craft

From time to time new laws and regulations relating to the operation of pleasure craft are added to the Small Vessel Regulations. Here are the two latest additions that have been sent to us by Transport Canada, Office of Boating Safety.

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Transportation and Trailering

Those of us with smaller boats spend almost as much time trailering as we do on the water or at a show. We prepare the boat but may not spend the time ensuring that our trailer is prepared and properly hooked to our vehicle.

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Boating Etiquette

Everyday good manners are only common courtesy, customs are derived from traditions.

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Spring Boating Tips

The days are getting longer ~ if not much warmer. It’s time to get out on the water – or at the very least, prepare to get out on the water.

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COVID-19 and Your Boat Insurance

COVID-19 continues to have an impact on virtually every aspect of our lives. As the situation continues to evolve, all of us are dealing with the on-going uncertainty created by these unprecedented events. With the arrival of spring, we have started to receive many questions from our clients regarding boat insurance.

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