Who has Right of Way when Boating?

Who has the “Right of Way” in various situations is set out by regulated Marine Rules of the Road.

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Proper Anchoring Practices Can’t Be Stressed Enough

The anchor, and the line or chain attached to it (the “rode”), are very important pieces of equipment. An anchor can make the difference between safety and disaster.

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Easing Anchoring Anxiety

Each anchorage has unique characteristics. With experience, as you enter the anchorage, you learn to read not only the physical layout but also the placement of existing boats at anchor and cottages to best select your spot for the night.

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Lock Etiquette

Tips for boaters on how to safety and efficiently navigate locks by boat and what to expect before you arrive at a Parks Canada lock station.

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Navigation Lights Are A Requirement, Not An Option

If a boat is operated between sunset and sunrise or in restricted visibility – in fog, for example – it must display navigation lights.

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Nighttime Boating Tips

Pre-planning and having the right equipment in good working order is the key to success and enjoyment.

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Tips for Towing and Trailering a Boat

Those of us with smaller boats spend almost as much time trailering as we do on the water or at a show. We prepare the boat but may not spend the time ensuring that our trailer is prepared and properly hooked to our vehicle.

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VHF Radio

VHF Radio vs Cell Phone

Quite often we get asked about the value of VHF marine band radios as means of communication vs a cell phone.
The answer to that is quite simple.

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Top 4 Mistakes Boaters Make When Using VHF Radios

Get the most out of your VHF radio and ensure you’re heard every time.

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Your VHF/DSC Radio - a powerhouse

Your radio ranks perhaps only second to your and your passengers’ life jackets. Here’s how to use it safely, expediently and knowledgeably.

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Stay Extra Alert with Automatic Identification System (AIS) Tech

Knowing other boats’ vital navigation information provides safer experiences on busy waterways.

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How to Call for Help in a Boating Emergency

Your boat is in danger, a passenger has fallen overboard, or you’re stranded on open water. How do you get help? Minutes matter. Make sure you know what do before you face a boating emergency. It could make the difference between life and death.

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Weather and Environment

Keeping a Weather Eye Out

Boaters must assess the weather and make a decision before heading out on the water and know how to interpret weather changes while on the water.

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What are they, when can they occur and what should you do if you encounter one while boating.

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Near Shore Speed Limits

It is Your Legal Responsibility to Operate Your Boat at a Safe Speed and Be Aware of Your Wake.

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Spring Boating Tips

The days are getting longer ~ if not much warmer. It’s time to get out on the water – or at the very least, prepare to get out on the water.

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5 Early Spring Fishing Tips

Most anglers yearn for spring when the ice has receded from the lake and they can get back on the water to visit favourite fishing holes. Here are a few tips to make sure that you don’t get caught by an unexpected breakdown or emergency on the water.

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5 Cold Water Survival Tips

By doing a little preparation and learning the truth about hypothermia, you can increase your chances of surviving an unexpected immersion into very cold water.

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Additional Tips

Boating Etiquette

Everyday good manners are only common courtesy, customs are derived from traditions.

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Boat Ramp Etiquette

When waiting for the use of a ramp and the lineup can be over an hour long it is very important to be efficient. When boaters have had a late night or trying to get an early start they can often be brutal with their suggestions if you hold them up. The exercise of proper ramp etiquette is still important.

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Life Jackets, Vests and PFDs: How to Choose

Finding the right personal flotation device (PFD) can seem like a daunting task and extends beyond finding one that fits and floats. After all, not all vests work for all people, and no one vest works well for all activities.

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Encourage Your Teenager to wear their PFD

Here are some suggestions on how to encourage PFD wear from your teen.

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Tips for Buying a Boat Online

Have you ever wondered how to find great deals or rare items? Here is a different take on searching the classifieds.

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