About CanBoat / NautiSavoir

A Community Of Experienced Boaters Inspiring Others

CanBoat / NautiSavoir, operated by Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons / Escadrilles canadiennes de plaisance (CPS-ECP), is a national, non-profit boating organization offering courses and seminars for recreational boaters.

Our courses include and are not limited to the Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) and the Maritime Radio Course to obtain VHF Radio Certification.

Our CanBoat.ca website offers the above certifications and links to its numerous other courses. These build from the basic courses required by law to more advanced material for boaters who would like to cross blue ocean waters.

The PCOC card program is the only Canadian-issued card that qualifies for acceptance by the U.S. Coast Guard. These courses are available online by self-study or taught via instructor led virtual classes or in classrooms.

Since 1938, generations of volunteers have been sharing their on-the-water knowledge with new and seasoned boaters, helping them prepare for both every-day and emergency situations. CanBoat / NautiSavoir courses are developed by boaters for boaters. Membership in CanBoat / NautiSavoir offers access to insurance discounts for boats, home and auto, discounts on courses, on marine wear and products, on marine on the water assistance and more. As well, annual membership dues from individuals allow CanBoat / NautiSavoir to better serve the boating community and develop its programs.

About The CPS Foundation

The Canadian Power Squadrons Foundation (the CPS Foundation) is a charitable Corporation established in 1975 (Letters Patent November 5, 1975), and is a separate entity from Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons/Escadrilles canadiennes de plaisance (CPS-ECP).

Objective: To provide funding for training and study courses and facilities in the field of boating, seamanship, piloting, navigation and safe handling of boats of all kind. And to extend support to the objectives of the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons.

CPS-ECP Vision, Mission and Values

Approved by the CPS-ECP Board of Directors, June 14, 2016

Vision - what we are

  • A committed community of experienced boaters inspiring others to adopt a safe boating attitude through education and training.

Mission - what we do to achieve our vision

  • We teach safe boating practices and proper navigational technologies.
  • We promote the cause of boating safety by creating a safe boating ethic.

Values - what keeps us strong


  • Boating safety is of prime importance
  • We encourage the boating experience as a safety and enjoyable recreation.


  • Our CPS-ECP Boating Courses are of high quality and provide good value
  • We are leaders in safe boating education
  • We embrace changes in boating education and practices


  • We depend on volunteers of all ages, levels of experience and skill
  • We enjoy our interactions with our fellow volunteers and members


  • We believe in boating in an environmentally responsible manner

CanBoat Courses, Events and Resources

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We offer a range of events and services nationally.

Get Your Boating License

The CanBoat Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC) is good for life.

About CanBoat

CanBoat is recognized as the foremost educational boating authority in Canada.