Ottawa Power & Sail Squadron Burgee Our burgee is highly recognizable, attractive, and consists of patterns and colours with symbolic meaning.
Get one so you can proudly display it on your boat and find out about burgee design. The Peace Tower and Maple Leaf are obvious, but what do the gold, blue, red and yellow signify? A full explanation is included with each burgee.
The burgee is 10" x 15", 4 colours, fitted with grommets and can be yours for just $25.
The OPSS Burgee is also available as a Lapel Pin - $5.00

CPS National Flag

The CPS Flag is highly recognizable, attractive, and consists of nine (9) vertical blue and white alternating bars, which represent the nine Canadian Provinces with a red Maple Leaf superimposed in the center.
(Note: There were only nine provinces when this flag was designed in 1939).
Get one so you can proudly display it on your boat. 
The flag is available in different sizes. When flown, it should be smaller than the National Flag and larger than the Squadron Burgee.
Member Flag, Small 8"x13", $20.00

Member Flag, Large 12"x20", $25.00

 Clothing, Hats and Other Items:

Numerous items embroidered with Power Squadron insignia, with or without printing, can be ordered from the Regalia Officer.  The items range from hats, t-shirts, fleece jackets, winter coats, tote bags to Salus Life jackets.  Clothing can be embroidered with National or Squadron emblems. 
Embroidery Examples:    

Embroidery such as boat names may also be added. 
Cost of such embroidery is dependant on number of letters and number of words.

To see some examples of Regalia items available, please Click Here
Taxes are included in all prices.
For more info or to make a request, please contact, Marjorie Ladouceur