Member Benefits

Our sponsors and partners offer CPS-ECP members exclusive offers and benefits. Benefits from our corporate sponsors can more than cover the cost of your annual membership.

Details about using member benefits are available within the secure CPS-ECP Members Online Library. General information on member benefits is also available on the CPS-ECP public website.

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  2. Member Benefits (CPS-ECP public website)


A Member of CPS-ECP is an individual who is at least 19 years of age and who:
a) has successfully completed a course prescribed* by the Board of Directors; or
b) holds a valid Pleasure Craft Operator Certificate (PCOC)

 *A PRESCRIBED COURSE is any CPS-ECP course or equivalent as per the Competency Equivalence Table.
An Associate is an individual who is less than nineteen (19) years of age but meets all of the other requirements of becoming a Member, and has applied to be an Associate. Any Associate who reaches age nineteen (19) may apply to become a Member.
 Please note: while being an Associate means having all of the privileges of membership, except for voting rights and signing authority, an Associate is not a member of CPS-ECP.
We also recognize certain course equivalences from the Sail Canada (Canadian Yachting Association), Association Maritime du Québec, the United States Power Squadrons, Transport Canada Certified Professional Mariners, Navigators, etc. You must present copies of your course completion certificates to be considered for membership at CPS-ECP.  CPS-ECP does admit holders of PCOCs from other organizations and/or the holder ROC (M) Certificate issued by CPS-ECP.

OPSS Annual Membership Fees
 as of September 1st, 2015 are:
Regular Member: $52.00 - Family Member: $26.00
NOTE: Current CPS-ECP Regular/Family and Life Members are allowed to fly the CPS Flag & OPSS Burgee!

Why would you want to join?

  • Benefits from our corporate sponsors can more than cover the cost of your annual membership.
  • Reduced cost for CPs-ECP courses
  • Annual Squadron Dinner plus a free Annual Picnic and Graduation
  • Information Session throughout the year
  • Camaraderie and sharing of knowledge with other members.

If you have a Pleasure Craft Operator Certificate and want to join, get in touch with the membership officer and we will make it happen!
Why wait to join, do it Now and be part of one of the best Boating Organizations in the World!
Your MEMBERSHIP has expired, no problem ….. email me and I will get you back on course!
Be a CPS-ECP Member and Fly the Flag Proudly!