Over the past years the Ottawa Power and Sail Squadron has published many articles in our newsletter dealing with a wide variety of environmentally significant topics. You can read up on them at your leisure. On a day-to-day basis we cannot over emphasize the need to pay extra care in the following areas when boating:

  • Handle fuel, lubricants, and coolants with care and dispose them either at your marina or municipal facilities.
  • Follow government regulation when discharging grey water and sewage in inland waters and when at sea.
  • Boat maintenance products are available in a wide variety, select ones that minimize the impact on the environment.


Our safe and enjoyable boating on the great lakes is dependent on having accurate and current weather forecasts and real time weather data.

CPS has developed a brochure to assist boaters in finding this knowledge for the area in which they cruise. In it are links to specific websites where the necessary information will be found.


Alien invasive species are plants or animals occurring in an area outside its known natural range. Examples of species that have already invaded Canadian waters are the Zebra mussel (clam), Round goby (fish), Spiney water flea (Invertebrate) Eurasian water milfoil (aquatic plant) and the Green crab (crab). They are most commonly introduced into an area by hitching a ride on a boat or trailer. You can prevent the further spread of these harmful hitchhikers by:

  • Remove all aquatic plants, mussels or other visible organisms and deposit them in the garbage.
  • Drain the water from your boat, including the motor, live well and bilge.
  • Do not release live bait. Empty your bait bucket on land.
  • Report sightings of Invasive species by calling the Ontario Invading Species Hotline at 1-800-563-7711

For more information


Rideau Valley Conservation Authority

Parks Canada – Rideau Canal

Ministry of the Environment Ontario

Environment Canada - Climate Change

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Officer Environmental Affairs, Ottawa Power Squadron