The Shediac Power and Sail Squadron has been serving the Greater Moncton area for over 40 years. The squadron was incorporated on May 25, 1964 under the command of Fred Fraser, with 23 members.

From that time until now the squadron, which is part of the national organization of the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons ( CPS ), has dedicated itself to promoting safe boating through education. We do this by providing courses in all aspects of receational boating.

On October 19, 1995 the Squadron received approval from CPS for our new pennant, which was the winning entry by Roy Meloche from a contest among squadron members. This is the logo displayed in the upper left corner of the page.

The Shediac Squadron is, as of May 07, 2014 under the command of John Sims, JN with 187 members.

Charter Members 1964

R.D. Bannon W.H. Crandall
J.M. Crandall G.H. Cunningham
J.D. Dunlap J.H. Evans
M.P. Fisher D.R. Fownes
E.A. Fryers F.R. Fraser
J.W. Garland J. Gould
G.H. Kearns C.E. Keating
W.D. MacDonald M. Nickerson
R.L. Parsons J.W. Steward
N. Thurrott J.D. Tweedie
O.J. White D. G. Wood

Past Commanders of the Shediac Squadron

Fred Fraser 1963-64
George H. Cunningham 1964
Claude Keating 1965
G.H. Kearns 1966
W. Murray Wade 1967
Fred W. Davis 1968-69
Dr. O.J. White 1970-71
J. Ward Stewart 1972-73
G. Comeau 1974-75
Marshall Nickerson 1976
Dr. Tucker 1977
J.R. MacFadyen 1978
Duncan Noble 1979
E. Larracey 1979-80
Elizabeth Martin 1981-82
Barry Coyle 1983
David Christopher 1984
Al Cunningham 1985-86
John Townsend 1987-88
Gail Soucoup 1989
Al Daly 1990-91
Henry Drew 1992
Al Cyr 1993-95
Chris Collins 1995-97
Jon Andrews 1997-98
Richard Thompson 1998-99
Marco Leger 1999-00
Louis Vallée 2000-02
David Bath 2002-05
Michael Dunn 2005
James Nixon 2006-13
John Sims 2014-