Hamilton Power & Sail Squadron (HPS) is a unit of Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons (CPS), an organization of recreational boating enthusiasts. The corporation is structured as a group of local squadrons formed into districts from the Atlantic to the Pacific. HPS is part of Niagara district. The Hamilton Squadron received it’s charter in 1949.  CPS is a nationwide organization of boating enthusiasts. Their aim is to increase boating safety and enjoyment by providing instruction in all phases of seamanship and navigation, both power & sail. It is a volunteer, charitable, membership-type organization, incorporated under the Companies Act of Canada. CPS is non-government, non-regulatory and non-military. It is not restricted to boat owners, nor owners of large yachts.
Purely and simply, it is a dedicated group interested in increasing safety and pleasure on the waterways through education.

The Hamilton Power & Sail Squadron is pleased to offer all of the courses made available by CPS with the following proviso:  That courses are offered at the discretion of the Squadron and require a minimum number of students. If you have an interest in a particular course, but too few students have indicated an interest, then the Hamilton Squadron will make every effort to direct you to the closest Squadron currently offering the course.