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Recreational Boating Courses in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada

We are PEI Boaters. We are volunteers who teach sanctioned boating courses to boaters. And we like to socialize with other boaters.
Blue Heron Power & Sail Squadron is a unit of CPS-ECP (Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons - Escadrilles canadiennes de plaisance)

About Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons: "Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons - Escadrilles Canadiennes de plaisance (CPS-ECP) is a nationwide organization of boating enthusiasts. Their aim is to increase boating safety and enjoyment by providing instruction in all phases of seamanship and navigation, both power and sail.  It is a charitable, membership-type organization, incorporated under the Companies Act of Canada. Except for a small paid staff in the national office, all teaching and administrative work is done by volunteers. CPS is non-governmental, non-regulatory and non-military. It is not restricted to boat owners, nor owners of large yachts. Purely and simply, it is a dedicated group interested in increasing safety and pleasure on the waterways through education."