Executive Officers

Your 2024- 2025 Executive Committee

A Warm Welcome to all,

Bridge meeting held every second Thursday of the Month at 6:30pm.

Elected Officers

Commander:   Eric Bronson
Education Officer:   Christopher B. W. Holder
Administrative Officer:   Eric Bronson
Financial Officer:   R. John Garside
Secretary:   Mike Pothier
Membership Officer:   Dave Kleinsteuber

Appointed Officers

Marketing:   Dale Holland
Communication Officer:   Dale Holland
Webmaster:   Dale Holland
RVCC Officer:   Maxine Holland
RVCC Officer:   Dale Holland
Officer at Large:   Dave Kleinsteuber
Historian:   R. John Garside
Supply Officer:  R. John Garside
USPS Liaison:   R. John Garside
Assistant Financial:   Eric Bronson
Assistant Educational Officer:   Eric Bronson
Assistant Educational Officer:   Dale Holland
Maritime Radio (VHF ROC (M)):  Christopher B. W. Holder

Past Commander:   Mike Pothier

Eric Bronson

Chris Holder

R. John Garside

Dave Kleinsteuber

Dale Holland

Mike Pothier