Executive Committee

Your 2020 - 2021 Executive Committee

The Squadron Executive Committee is a group of elected members responsible for the day to day operation of the Squadron, they meet approximately once a month.  As a CPS regular member, you are entitled to hold a position and we encourage you to participate.  Please contact any member of the Bridge.

Elected Officers

Commander: Phil Evans  (email: cdr-shediac@cps-ecp.org)
Educational Officer: Johan Spiering
Administrative Officer: vacant
Financial Officer: Johan Spiering
Secretary:  Nigel Stafford
Public Relations: vacant
Membership Officer: Phil Evans

Appointed Officers

Assistant Educational Officer:  Stephen Lockie
Marketing:   TBD
Public Relations:   TBD
Communication:  Sue Mollins
Webmaster:   Sue Mollins

The following provides support to the Squadron by acting in appointed positions :

Past Commander: John Sims
Audit Review Committee: Al Cyr