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Maritime Radio Operator Course (ROC(M))

Vancouver Squadron is offering a Maritime Radio course using Zoom on Saturdays, Feb 6, Mar 6. Apr 10, and May 1.  The lecture will run from 0900 – 1230, and individual exams will be done over the following few days using Zoom or other video chat app.

We also offer the OnLine Self-study Maritime Radio Operator course.  Students may register in that course at any time, and proceed at their own pace.  Students will contact the examiner when ready to take the test.

Boating 2 & 3

Vancouver Squadron will run Boating 2 and Boating 3 as a single course. As material from the two courses will be intermingled, it is not possible to register for either of these courses independently with us. If you wish to take only one of these courses, please see to find a squadron that offers the courses separately. The fees shown below cover both courses.

This e-learning course includes online instructional videos, online sessions (webinars) and a personal tutor. DELIVERY DETAILS: 1) Instructional videos are available online (24/7); 2) Instructor lead online sessions (Weekly – 7:00 to 8:30 p.m Pacific Time) and; 3) personal tutor sessions (in-person or online) by an instructor from your local CPS-ECP Squadron. DURATION: 12 consecutive weeks – including online exam (optional).