Western Ontario District Burgee          Meetings

Typical District Meeting    🙂

For May 26/21 Meeting

Officer Reports Received to 2045 20210526    Next meeting:   Sept 15/21 1900

Note:   Commanders of all Squadrons and the District must complete and submit (please see the instructions) an updated Officer Permission List

OFFICER LIST FORM – LISTE DOFFICIER FORME_2021-2022 Submitting Officer Permission lists



The Western Ontario District (WOD) holds meetings six times a year.   The District level of the organization acts to bring the solutions and concerns of the Squadrons to the National level while keeping the Squadrons informed of the goings on at National.   It is the meat in the sandwich and as we like to think, holds the whole together.

Representatives from each Squadron and the District officers plus any WOD CPS-ECP members who would like to attend, meet in locations around the District or on-line as the case may be.  For in-person meetings, a gratis lunch is provided and meetings typically are over in less than three hours.

Prior to the start of the meetings, participants are asked so submit their reports for posting to this site.   Meeting attendees should have read these reports and be prepared to discuss the contents.