Course Information


The three Squadrons comprising Rideau District work closely together to deliver most of our boating courses. Experienced instructors and tutors from all three Squadrons work as a team. This ensures we can offer a range of topics presented from a variety of perspectives.


This Winter and Spring, Brockville Squadron is hosting Boating 4 – Online (formerly called Seamanship) in collaboration with Kingston Squadron. The course started on January 10th and registration is now closed.


How to use a GPS – This online seminar is for boaters who want to know the basics of how to set up their GPS or chartplotter, understand how to use it and how it can connect to other boat electronics. It is an interactive seminar that you can experience at your own pace. To help you assess your learning, there are questions and answer segments located throughout the various sections. The seminar is available 24/7 now; you can access it anytime at your convenience. Go to this link on the CPS-ECP course calendar to register.
Tides and Currents – Planning a cruise in tidal waters? This seminar will prepare you for handling tides and currents. With this knowledge, you will hopefully avoid the embarrassment of running aground or, perhaps more damaging, snapping off your mast in a collision with a bridge. The seminar is designed to be done in one sitting of about 90 minutes. Go to this link on the CPS-ECP course calendar to register.


Later this Spring, we plan to offer Weather for Boaters – Online. This course provides boaters with the tools to find and accurately interpret weather reports and forecasts, and to develop keen judgement in “reading” the sky and water for optimum boating safety in and around Canadian waters. This is a blended course with material available 24/7 online, and with six virtual meetings with an instructor.

Next Fall, we plan to offer the ever-popular Combined Boating 2/3 – Online. This course takes the boater beyond the basics needed for your Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC). You will be introduced to the art of navigation (including the use of GPS and electronic navigation); marine weather; anchoring; and ropes, lines and knots. You will then explore navigation further as you learn how to plot and label on paper charts. In addition, you will learn what the skipper should be doing before setting out and when underway (including legal requirements of the Collision Regulations), as well as knowing your environmental responsibilities and how to avoid electrical hazards.

Rideau District members receive up to a 20% discount on the fees for any course hosted by one of the Rideau squadrons. Please check back here later this Spring for more details about our upcoming courses. Or contact David Allester for an update.


Learn how to operate a marine VHF radio, including a radio equipped with Digital Selective Calling (DSC). After successfully completing the course, you will receive a Restricted Operator’s Certificate (Maritime), which is required by law for anyone operating a marine VHF radio.
The self-study version of the course allows you to proceed at your own pace on our interactive learning platform. The modules include many video demonstrations on how to use a VHF radio. You can register for the self-study course offered through the Ottawa Squadron by going to this link on the CPS-ECP course calendar.
Local groups wishing to take the classroom version of the course should contact David Allester to make arrangements.


Most courses offered by CPS-ECP Squadrons across the country are now available either entirely online or in a blended format that may combine online self-study, weekly webinars and individual tutoring (in-person or virtually). This means you are not restricted to taking only courses that are offered by your local Squadron. Please see the broad selection of boating courses available at If a course offered by another Squadron requires a local tutor, a Rideau District member would be glad to volunteer. Please contact David Allester.