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Quarterdeck Winter 2023-24
Fall Student Cruise • Remembrance Day Service • Student Grad • Santa's Christmas Ships • Leap Day Social • Whales • Fraser River Advisories • Membership Renewal Tip
Quarterdeck Fall 2023  COW • 2022 & 2023 Easter Cruise, Tie Dye event • 2022 & 2023 May long weekend cruise •  2022 & 2023 Commander's Sailpast • Bowling • 2022 & 2023 September long weekend cruise • Jenn Doerksen CPS award • 2022 & 2023 Remembrance Day Service • Dennis Hewson Tribute • PMPSS Supplies • Melanie Cove, Desolation Sound • MV Sea Esta Renaming
February 2022 Quarterdeck Upcoming Spring & Summer 2022 cruise, course and event notices.
October 2021 Quarterdeck • Covids not over Oktoberfest Social
June 2021 Quarterdeck • Sailpast • PCOC Grads
April 2021 Quarterdeck New Commander Michelle Warrington •  Member Photos: Fellowship Memories
February 2021 Quarterdeck • Santa's Christmas Ships with Youtube links • Spring Start-up Checklist • Chocolate Covered Strawberry Mini Cheesecakes Recipe
November 2020 Quarterdeck • Welcome MV Moonraker • Member Photos: June’s Southern Cruise • July Gulf Island and Northern Desolation Sound Cruises: Jenn Doerksen's Desolation Sound Cruise Youtube link • Fish Bowl Punch Recipe
June 2020 Quarterdeck • Member Story: "I'M POSITIVE...? A Story Why You Should Not Always Believe Your Eyes!" • Whale Wise Tips • Humpback whale in Indian Arm • THE AGM—ONLINE! And A Playback Of 2019/2020
April 2020 Quarterdeck • Member Photos: Physically Distant Boating • Banana Boats Recipe • Food Storage: How Long Does Food Last • Dave Burrell's Big News Party at the Burrard Pub with the Swim Grids band
February 2020 QuarterDeck • Marine Diesel Engine Spring Tune Up tips • Axe Throwing social event • Vancouver Boat Show • Top Ten Dream Power-boats Of 2020! • Shellfish Pasta Salad recipe
October 2019 Quarterdeck • Weather Apps Review: SAILDRONE • How to order PMPSS Logo Wear
September 2019 Quarterdeck • Top Nine Places to Boat in BC • Gulf Islands Cruise: Pirate Cove, Thetis Island, Annette Inlet, Port Browning, Princess Cove, Wallis Island • Pitt Lake Cruise • Desolation Sound Cruise: Garden Bay, Pender Harbour, Grace Harbour and Melanie Cove • Bedwell Bay Concert on the Water Labour Day Weekend Bowen Island Cruise • Corn Shrimp and Fennel Stew recipe
June 2019 Quarterdeck New Commander: Steve Dewitt • Easter Cruise Snug Cove, Bowen Island • AGM and COW • Green Jacket: Steve Berg • RVCC/Spring Tune Up Spring Tuneup • Sailpast
April 2019 Quarterdeck Upcoming 2019 Spring & Summer cruise, course and event notices
March 2019 Quarterdeck • Student Grad • Safe Anchoring seminar
October 2018 Quarterdeck • First Aid/CPR/AED Training Course • Labour Day Weekend Bowen Island: Survivor Challenge Event • Member Photos: Summer 2018 with PMPSS and Friends! • Shoreline Cleanup
August 2018 Quarterdeck Upcoming 2018 Fall/Winter cruise, course and event notices.
June 2018 Quarterdeck New Commander Tom Kakanowski • AGM & COW Photos. • Introduction of a new recurring Summer Sunday Patio Party at Willy's Galley in the summer notice • Tribute to Peter Davis • Member Pets: Purrseaus
April 2018 Quarterdeck • Member Photos: St. Patrick's Day Social @ Burrard Public House • Member story: Nicole Neuman Family PCOC for Youth success story • Member Photos: Easter Cruise, Snug Cove Bowen Island. • Group Paint and Sip taught by Lorraine Yigit • Student Cruise • Beer Can Stuffed Burgers recipe
February 2018 Quarterdeck • Member Photos: Maritimer's Kick Off Party @ Burrard Public House • Member Photos: Vancouver Boat Show & Cruise • Chicken Fajitas in Foil Packets recipe
December 2017 Quarterdeck • Kidde fire extinguishers recall • Photo essay: Santa's Christmas Ships • Remembrance Day Ceremony & Lunch • Pork Baked Stuffed Tenderloin recipe
October 2017 Quarterdeck •New Membership Officer in training: Jenn Doerksen • Shoreline Clean @ Rocky Point • Member Photos:150th Canada Day July Cruise • Spiked Fall Cider Recipe • Labour Day Weekend Cruise and Survivor Challenge @ Bowen Island • Easy Paella with Shrimp, Chicken and Spicy Sausage recipe • Pawcific Purrsea Blog: Spot Prawns & Dinghy Concert Prideaux Haven • RVCC Booth @ Rocky Point • White Russian Pudding Shots recipe
June 2017 Quarterdeck New Commander: Julie (Ryder) Bruce • RVCC Booth and Safety Day @ Reed Point Marina • Member Photos: Easter Cruise @ Bowen Island • Student Grad • COW - Titanic Theme • Member Photos: Backyard Bash Cruise @ Indian Arm •  Lebanese Salad and Chicken Skewers recipe • Variety Boat For Hope @ False Creek
April 2017 Quarterdeck • RVCC Inspector Grads • Packing Food For A Month Part 2 • Boating Safety App review • Corn Chowder with Shrimp and Bacon recipe • Member photos: St Patrick's Day @ Burrard Public House • Welcome MV R & R • Congrats on MV Captain Holiday wedding • PMPSS Burgee Travels to Cuba
February 2017 Quarterdeck • Member Photos: Students • Packing Food For A Month Part 1 • Salmon Cakes with Sriracha Lemon Aioli Recipe • Vancouver Boat Show Cruise @ Quayside Marina
October 2016 Quarterdeck • Member Photos: Canada Day July Cruise, August "Cursed" Cruise, Bedwell Bay Concert on the Water •Labour Day Weekend @ Bowen Island: Mexican Theme Fun Golf • Mushroom Asiago Chicken recipe • Member Photos: Dining Out • Shoreline Cleanup @ Rocky Point • Congrats on MV Minstrel Wedding
June 2016 Quarterdeck New Commander: Tony Gojevic • COW @ Meadow Gardens Golf Club • Backyard Bash Cruise @ Indian Arm: Gilligan's Island Theme Scavenger Hunt & Trivia contest • Grilled Tex-Mex Chicken with Spicy Peach and Plum Salsa recipe • RVCC Safety Day @ Reed Point Marina • RVCC Booth @ Port Moody Safety Fair • Welcome MV Orca Mist • Member Story: What I Love about PMPSS and Its’ Members
April 2016 Quarterdeck • Fall Students Graduation @ Burrard Public House • Easter Cruise @ Bowen Island • Welcome MV Seventh Heaven • Crabmeister Dave Edgar • Antipasto Platters recipe • Congrats on Willy's Galley opening soon @ Reed Point Marina
February 2016 Quarterdeck • Santa's Christmas Ships • Member Photos: 2015 Flashback • Welcome MV Sea Casa & Mv Merlin V • Crispy Cod recipe
December 2015 Quarterdeck • Fall student cruise: proctor Steve Dewitt • Paper Charts - A Thing of The Past? • Halloween Party @ Burrard Public House • Remembrance Day • PMPSS 40th @ Burrard Public House: Roger Pearson 1st Commander • Member Pets: Welcome Clifford • Fish Taco Meal recipe • Tribute to Joan Eyolfson: National Port Hole Editor.
October 2015 Quarterdeck • PMPSS Marketing Award • Inflatable PFDs Recall• GPS Installation Tips • Northern Cruise @ Garden Bay, Prideaux Haven: Dinghy Concert, Gorge Harbour Marina, Grace Harbour, Princess Louisa, Ballet Bay • Labour Day Cruise @ Bowen Island: Fun Golf Tournament • Shoreline Cleanup • Smoked Teriyaki Salmon with Sriracha Cream Sauce recipe
August 2015 Quarterdeck • Southern Cruise @ Gulf Islands and US extension: Annette Inlet, Prevost Island, Genoa Bay, Roche Harbor, Reid Harbor, Stuart Island, Poet's Cove, Pender Island, Port Townsend, Andrews Bay, Lake Washington, Langley, Whidbey Island, Port of Anacortes, Sucia Island: Shallow Bay, Echo Bay, Fossil Bay, Fox Cove, Ewing Cove • Crab Ragoonies recipe
June 2015 Quarterdeck New Commander: Sukru Yigit • Crossing the Border Info • Easter Cruise @ Bowen Island • 40th AGM • COW @ Meadow Gardens • Sailpast: Circle Raftup • May Long Weekend @ Indian Arm: Backyard Bash & Pirate Dinghy Poker Run • Green Jacket: Steve Dewitt • Bent/Golden Brick: Dave Burrell • Shrimp Cheese Grits recipe
April 2015 Quarterdeck • Student Cruise Exam night • PMPSS Sailpast Protocols & Procedures • MV Dubrovonik Member story: Dalmatia by Boat in the Andriatic Sea • Welcome MV Copacabana • Member Photos: Burgee Travels • Scrumptious Shrimp Wontons recipe
February 2015 Quarterdeck • Fall Student Grad @ Burrard Public House • Photos: I Got Caught Wearing My Lifejacket! t-shirts • Santa's Christmas Ships & Fireworks • Penguin Plunge @ Rocky Point • Vancouver Boat Show • Member Pets: Tribute to Skipper • Welcome MV Counting Stars • Salmon Lovers Valentine Menu recipes • 40th Anniversary Letter of Appreciation
December 2014 Quarterdeck • Sea Star Deaths Mystery Solved • Fall Student Cruise • Boating Skills Virtual Trainer • Harvest Wine Tasting Tour • Remembrance Day Story: Day $10 Dollar Bill Veteran • Member Pets: Tribute to Pepper • Blackened Miso Cod recipe
October 2014 Quarterdeck • Trubute to Carlos Enrique Fuenzalida • Navigating in Fog - Rule 35 • Southern Cruise Part 2: Sooke Inlet, Pedder Bay, Mill Bay Marina, Tent Island Northern Lights Cruise: Nanaimo Yacht Basin, Comox Bay Marina, April Point Marina, Quadra Island, Rebecca Spit, Quadra Island, Tenedos Bay & Melanie Cove, Prideaux Haven, Garden Bay, Pender Harbour • PMD Integrated cruise, Telegraph Marina Thetis Island • Labour Day Cruise @ Bowen Island: Fun Golf, ALS Ice Bucket Challenge • Shoreline Cleanup and Family Picnic @ Rocky Point • Lobster Tails Menu recipes
August 2014 Quarterdeck • Our Instructors Are Boaters Too: Tony Gojevic • Teen PCOC Class • Be Safe Around Water Awareness - • May Long Weekend cruise @ Silva Bay, Gabriola Island • Boat For Hope @ False Creek • Southern Cruise Part 1: Princess Bay, Wallace Island, Montague Harbour Marina, Galiano Island, Annette Inlet, Prevost Island, Victoria , Wharf Street Marina, Port Sidney, Pirates Cove • Small Boat Cruise to Squamish • PMPSS GPS & Navigational Skills Geocaching Challenge • Welcome MV Blue Ocean • Burnaby Squadron on Breakfast TV • Summer Cheese Cocktail Canapés
June 2014 Quarterdeck New Commander: Jeanette Gordon • PMPSS Membership Award • Spring Student Grad • Our Instructors are Boaters Too: Allan Pope • RVCC Tips and Fines • Easter Cruise @ Bowen Island • AGM • COW @ Executive Plaza Inn • Safety Day @ Reed Point Marina • Sailpast • Green Jacket: Steve McCoach • Welcome Baby Skyla Marie: MV X-Ta-Sea • Crab Cakes, Crab A La King, Crab Louie Salad recipes
April 2014 Quarterdeck • Spring Student cruise Our Instructors Are Boaters Too: Lynn Meisl • Open Education Night: Neil Wildman & SARS • Giggle Dam Dinner & Theater • Cold Water Boot Camp • Geocruising the PMPSS Way • Burgee Travels • Food Safety Quiz • Green Cleaning Products
 February 2014 Quarterdeck  Fall Student Grad @ Burrard Public House Our Instructors Are Boaters Too: Dave Burrell VizaWeb Weather App review Santa's Christmas Ships Penguin Plunge @ Rocky Point Vancouver Boat Show Cruise Member Pets: Peaches MV Zenyatta Traditional Chowder Soup recipe
December 2013 Quarterdeck • CPS-ECP Awards: Chris Gordon - Webmaster & Julie Ryder - Editor • Student Cruise • Open Education Night: Navigating at Night & Hands On Ropes & Lines • Our Instructors are Boaters Too: Eric & Lillian Lusk • Case of the Missing Chart Sections: MAREP Doug Cousins • Halloween Dance @ Port Moody Legion • Remembrance Day • PMPSS Chili Recipe • New CPS-ECP Website:
October 2013 Quarterdeck • Fall Classes in Session • Our Instructors Are Boaters Too: Chris & Jeanette Gordon • RCM-SAR Safe Boating App review • Just Coast'n Cruise @ Garden Bay, Pender Harbour, Storm Bay, Sechelt Inlet, Chatterbox Falls, Jervis Inlet, Harmony Islands, Hotham Sound, Prideaux Haven, Squirrel Cove, Gorge Harbour, Cortes Island • Fishing Derby • CPS Booth: Port Moody 100th Centennial and CPS-ECP 75th Flag Relay @ Rocky Point • Bowen Island Cruise @ Snug Cove: Outdoor Movie Night • PMD Integrated Cruise @ Telegraph Harbour, Thetis Island • Bedwell Bay Raftup • Sweet Boat Recipes: Smores, Ice Cream & Candy Popcorn.
August 2013 Quarterdeck • Voyage Planning Tips • May Long Weekend @ Silva Bay Gabriola Island • Bayliner Rendezvous Cruise @ Roche Harbour • CPS Booth: Port Moody 100th Centennial @ Rocky Point • We be Jammin Cruise & video @ Gulf Islands: Pirate's Cove, De Courcy Island Genoa Bay Marina, Vancouver Island, Tod Inlet, Saanich Inlet, Salt Spring Marina, Conover Cove, Princess Cove, Wallace Island, Nanimo Marina, Poet's Cove, Bedwell Harbour, Pender Island • Congrats Julie Schmidt Port Coquitlam Banner • Member Pets: Meet Jazz, MV Sea Horse • Gilling On A Boat: Pizza & Salmon recipes • Boats and Whales Regulations
June 2013 Quarterdeck New Commander: Jim Church • Spring Student Grad @ Burrard Public House • VHF MMSI System • Easter Cruise @ Snug Cove, Bowen Island: Dinghy Poker Run • AGM • COW @ Executive Plaza Inn • Green Jacket: Sukru Yigit • Bent Brick: Glenn Richmond • Sailpast • Ron Curties: Queen's Diamond Jubilee Medal • Member Pets: Meet Purrseaus MV Minstrel • Ahi Tuna with Wasabi Buerre Blanc recipe • Merit Marks List
April 2013 Quarterdeck • Student Cruise • Marep Report: Doug Cousins • Smart Plugs • Mardis Gras @ Executive Plaza Inn • Vancouver Boat Show Cruise @ Quayside Marina • Congrats: Levon MV Blue Magic gets PCOC • Burgee Travels • Saucy recipes: Red Curry, Stroganoff, Sweet & Sour, Alpine, Creamy Tuna • Pacific Salmon Foundation Salmon Tag Fishing Fees
February 2013 Quarterdeck • Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Pre-Exam Game Night • Winter PRO Booths (Public Relations Officer) • Fall Student Grad @ Joe's Atlantic Grill • Vessel Registration • Santa's Christmas Ships • Penguin Plunge @ Rocky Point • Member News: Lorraine Yigit Retirement • Sea of Rice recipes: Risotto, Burritos, Paella, Shrimp Fried, Rum Raisin Pudding
December 2012 Quarterdeck • Congrats: Officer of the Year Julie Ryder, Webmaster Chris Gordon, Editors Julie Ryder & Grace Burrell • Fall Student Cruise • I Got Caught T-Shirt Giveaway • New: RCM-SARS • Halloween Dance @ Port Moody Legion • Remembrance Day • Great Winter Sailing Adventure by Chris Gordon • Tribute to Ron Curties • Sweet & Savoury recipes: Cinnamon Pull Aparts, Spicy Apple Rum Toddy, Easy Pinwheels, Blue Candy Cane Shooter • Future of Howe Sound
October 2012 Quarterdeck • PRO Booths @ Rona and Port Moody Library • 10 Pro Boat Winterizing Tips • July Cruise Part 2 to USA @ Swinomish Channel, La Connor, Langley, Hiram M Chittenden Locks, Lake Union, Lake Washington, Andrew's Bay, Seattle Bell Harbor Marina, Gig Harbor, Poulsbo, Blind Bay, Shaw Island, Arabelle's Landing Marina, Conover Cove, Wallace Island • August Cruise @ Desolation Sound: Garden Bay, Pender Harbour, Grace Harbour, Gifford Peninsula, Squirrel Cove, Cortes Island, Prideaux Haven, Pendrell Sound, East Redonda Island, Von Donop, Gorge Harbour: Hawaiian Luau • September Cruise @ Snug Cove Bowen Island • Seafood recipes: Oysters, Sushi, Prawns Benny • Geocaching Treasure Hunt
August 2012 Quarterdeck • Diving Flag Awareness • Safe Refuelling • Bayliner Rendezvous @ Roche Harbour • Boat For Hope • July Cruise Part 1: Telegraph Harbour, Thetis Island, Montague Harbour, Galiano Island, Roche Harbour, San Juan Island, Reid Harbour, Stuart Island, Deer Harbour, Orca Island, Fossil Bay, Sucia Island • Hawaiian Food recipes: Polynesian Sausages, Lava Smash, Loco Moco • Japanese Tsunami Cleanup
June 2012 Quarterdeck New Commander: Bruce Leavitt • Spring Student Cruise • Stand Up Paddleboards • RVCC • Easter Cruise @ Snug Cove Bowen Island • AGM • COW @ Executive Plaza Inn • Green Jacket: Steve McCoach, Bent Brick: Glenn Richmond • Shoreline Cleanup • Sailpast: Circle Raftup • May Long Weekend cruise @ Silva Bay Gabriola Island • Congrats: 30 Merit Marks Lawrence Schmidt • Welcome MV Quantum • Pirate Food recipes: Rum Glazed Port & Spicy Salsa, Grand Pineapple Mojito • Port Moody Bans Shark Fin Trade
April 2012 Quarterdeck • How to Fly Flags on a Boat • Holding Tank Regulations • Flare Failures • Member Story: Wanna B Sailors by Bruce Leavitt • Vancouver Boat Show Cruise @ Quayside Marina • Burgee Travels • Food Storage Tips • Cargo Ships
February 2012 Quarterdeck • Fall Student Grad @ Joe's Atlantic Grill • Orion/CFL Flare Recall • Disposing of Flares • Member Story: The Early Days by Dave Burrell • PMD Integrated Cruise @ Port Browning Marina, Pender Island • Santas Christmas Ships • Member Photos: Remembering 2011 • Member Pets: Meet Crypto • Pot Luck Tips
December 2011 Quarterdeck • Fall Student Cruise • Winter Maintenance Tips • Winter Cruising • Harvest Moon Dinner & Dance @ Executive Plaza Inn • Remembrance Day • Small Boat Cruise to Gibsons • Congrats: John Northey, Ron Curties Maverick Burrell 19th Birthday • Welcome MV Dubrovnik • Premixed Seasoning and Marinade recipes • Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion
October 2011 Quarterdeck • August Cruise @ Buccaneer Bay, Thormanby Island, Egmont, Princess Louisa, Harmony Islands, Lund, Pendrell Sound, Discovery Islands, Squirrel Cove, Cortes Island, Gorge Harbour, Hariot Bay, Predeaux Haven, Melanie Cove, Stuart Bay, Garden Bay, Pender Harbour, Secret Cove • Labour Day Cruise @ Snug Cove, Bowen Island: Mexican Theme • Family Picnic @ Belcarra • Shoreline Cleanup • Boating into US Waters • Fall Maintenance Tips •The Prawn Star Cruisemaster Tribute • Dock Appies: Chicken Tacos Cups and Crab Salad Cups • Quarantined Freighter in Indian Arm
August 2011 Quarterdeck • Shipwrecks in Bedwell Bay • Boat For Hope • July Cruise @ Conover Cove, Wallace Island, Chemainus, Ganges, Salt Spring Island, Sidney Spit, Sidney Island, Victoria, Montague Harbour, Galiano Island • VHF Radio Station License • Caraholly Light Range Markers • Congrats Melody & Dennis Hewson • Meal Planning for Boating
June 2011 Quarterdeck  New Commander: Lorraine Yigit • Open House @ Reed Point Marina • Easter Cruise @ Snug Cove Bowen Island: First Caribbean Raftup • AGM & COW @ Old Orchard Hall • Sailpast: Circle Raftup • May Long Weekend Cruise @ Silva Bay, Gabriola Island • Welcome MV Zenyatta, MV Oki Doki & MV Gettaway • Pantry Finds recipe • Abandoned Boats in Port Moody Problem
October 2010 Quarterdeck • Member photos: MV Seahorse and the Anchors: Glen & Anne • Fall Class Instructors and Proctors photos• Junior Navigation Grads (JNs) • September Long Weekend @ Snug Cove, Bowen Island • Member Pets: Promise & Java, Skipper, Ben, Tucker • Congrats Natasha Calis Movie Role (MV Kai Kanata) • Drinking and Boating
August 2010 Quarterdeck • Congrats MV Sonador Wedding @  Poets Cove, South Pender Island • Summer Fun Photos • Boat For Hope • Barry (Santa) Wilson photos • August Cruise @ Desolation Sound Gorge Harbour: Toga Party Potluck • Member Story: SOBs Land Cruise @ Osyoos by Cheryl McGuire  • Fall Courses Instructors & Proctors Meeting @ Golden Spike Pub
June 2010 Quarterdeck • Public Relations: PoCo May Day Parade • Sailpast: Circle Raftup @ Bedwell Bay • Gorge Harbour News
May 2010 Quarterdeck New Commander: Glen Anchor • AGM COW @ Old Orchard Hall • Public Relations: Safety Day @ Reed Point Marina • September Long Weekend Cruise @ Snug Cove, Bowen Island • Bridge List • Protecting the Marine Environment Tips
April 2010 Quarterdeck • Tomie Curties Tribute • Spring Boating Class Moments • Student Cruise @ Vancouver Ski Clubhouse, Bedwell Bay: Group Photo
January 2010 Quarterdeck Santas Christmas Ships • Congrats Gary McGuire Retirement • Remembrance Day • Penguin Plunge @ Rocky Point • Member Travels: Jack & Lynn Meisl
September 2009 Quarterdeck • Congrats MV Merlin Anniversary • Training Team Meeting • Public Relations: New Westminster Quayside Festival & Mosquito Creek Boat Festival • Member Story: Glampers by Cheryl McGuire Fall • Boating Classes in Session: Instructors and Proctors • Getting off the Bottle (Plastic Water Bottles) by Lorraine Yigit
August 2009 Quarterdeck • PCOC For Youth Class • Member Story: Eric & Lillian Lusk, MV Murrelet • July Cruise: Sechelt Lighthouse Marina on Canada Day • Sunset Photos
June 2009 Quarterdeck New Commander: Chris Gordon  • AGM COW @ Old Orchard Hall • PMD AGM & COW Report by Yvonne McCoach • May Long Weekend @ Gibsons by Chris Sheldon • Congrats Tomie Curties: Lifetime Award • Public Relations @ West Marine • Member Story: Doug's Bear Joke by Doug Cousins
March 2009 Quarterdeck • Log Hazard Photos • BC Ferries Overboard Drill Photos • Hot Chili Dinner at MV Murrelet House
February 2009 Quarterdeck • Valentine's Dance at Old Mill Boathouse Photos • First Day of Spring Class Photos • Welcome MV Seahorse IV • New Year's Eve @ Bedwell Bay: Vancouver Water Ski Clubhouse
January 2009 Quarterdeck • Santas Christmas Ships
November 2008 Quarterdeck • Remembrance Day @ Belcarra • Oktoberfest @ Old Mill Boathouse • Halloween @ Golden Spike Pub • Fall Student Cruise • Member Story: Sailing in East Africa by Rosario Passos
August 2008 Quarterdeck • Boating with the Calis Family • Congrats Jack & Lynn Meisl move to South America • Training Department BBQ • Public Relations: Spring Tune up @ Reed Point Marina • Cruise to Garden Bay Pender Harbour & Chatterbox Falls, Princess Louisa
July 2008 Quarterdeck New Commander: Greg Archibald • AGM & COW • Student Cruise Member Story: Remote Location Getaways by PM Barnacle
March 2007 Quarterdeck • Remembrance Day: The Maple Leaf Forever Song & A Sea Shanty for the Port Moody Squadron  Lyrics • Santas Christmas Ships • Local Weather WatchTips • Penguin Plunge @ Rocky Point • Seafood Lasagna recipe • Valentine's Dance & Fall Graduation
June 2006 Quarterdeck New Commander: Chris Reniers • Easter Cruise @ Snug Cove, Bowen Island • May Long Weekend @ Gibsons • Sailpast • Weather Watch Tips • COW @ Old Orchard Hall • VHF Radio Tips • Tribute to Gordon McCrady • Congrats: Dave & Grace Burrell 25 Anniversary
March 2006 Quarterdeck • Santas Christmas Ships • Penguin Plunge @ Rocky Point • Weather Watch Tips • Valentine's Dance & Fall Graduation • Tribute to Bob Hunter
November 2005 Quarterdeck • Props - Definitions and Explanations by Steve Van Gaalen • Summer Cruise @ Desolation Sound: Congrats MV Bull Durham • Canada Day Cruise Nanaimo Congrats: MV Sapphire 25th Anniversary • Weather Watch Tips • Fall Student Cruise • September Long Weekend @ Snug Cove Bowen Island • Remembrance Day: All's Quiet Poem by Jacqueline Black • Halloween Dance
July 2005 Quarterdeck New Commander: Kevin Walker • AGM @ Ioco Boat Club • COW @ Old Mill Boathouse • Engine Oil Changes by Steve van Gaalen • Weather Watch Tips • Sailpast
 April 2005 Quarterdeck Who Wants to Be A Millionaire Pre-Exam Game Night Raw Water Pump on Your Cooling System Tips by John Northey Congrats: Training Department Winning District Award Crossing the Strait Weather Tips Easter Cruise @ Snug Cove Bowen Island Welcome MV Merlin IV Student Cruise  Member Photo Memories
 January 2005 Quarterdeck Remembrance Day Stuffing Box Tips by Steve van Gaalen Assessing Winter Weather Conditions by John Northey Santas Christmas Ships & House Party Penguin Plunge @ Rocky Point
November 2004 Quarterdeck What I learned This Summer by Grace Burrell Gibsons and Desolation Sound Cruise Whats Eating You - Maintaining Your  Zincs and Bonding System by Steve van Gaalen Successful Winter Boating Tips by John Northey September Long Weekend @ Snug Cove Bowen Island Welcome MV Sapphire Fall Student Cruise Halloween Party Photos
August 2004 Quarterdeck New Commander: Steve Clark May Long Weekend @ Snug Cove, Bowen Island AGM COW @ Carnoustie Golf Club Sailpast Boat For Hope Be Informed Before Crossing Georgia Strait by John Northey Member Cruise Photo Memories: Poets Cove , Roche Harbor , Bedwell Harbor Ginoa Bay Marina San Juan and Golf Islands, Silva Bay Anchor and Winch Tips by Steve van Gaalen Public Relations Booth Dock 17 Photo Memories
January 2004 Quarterdeck • Halloween Party @ Ioco Boat Club • Fall Student Cruise • Santa's Christmas Carol Ships • Remembrance Day @ Belcarra • Penguin Plunge @ Rocky Point • Coastal Weather for BC Tips by John Northey • Are You In Charge: Battery Tips by Steve van Gaalen
September 2003 Quarterdeck New Commander: Julie Shepheard • AGM • COW @ Westwood Plateau Golf & Country Club • Sailpast • July Gulf Islands Cruise: Montague Harbour, Georgia Straight, Polier Pass, Thetis Island Marina, Fulford Harbour, Bread Barge, Gibsons • Tribute to Joanne Kennedy • Winds and Anchor Tips by John Northey • Princess Louisa Chatterbox Falls Cruise Center Bay Dock Letter Labour Day @ Snug Cove Bowen Island 
March 2003 Quarterdeck • Valentine Grad Night @ Ioco Boat Club • Annual Bird Count • Welcome Mv Big Bubbles No Troubles • Santas Christmas Ships & House Party • Winter Boating Tips by John Northey 
November 2002 Quarterdeck • Halloween Party @ Ioco Boat Club • Dinner Social @ Mac's Galley, Reed Point Marina • Labour Day Cruise @ Snug Cove, Bowen Island • Silent Killer Carbon Monoxide (CO) Tips by John Northey • Fall Student Cruise
August 2002 Quarterdeck New Commander: Kerry Renaud • Kid's Boating Class • Gulf Islands Cruise by First Mutt Skipper: Montague Harbour, Port Sidney, Genoa Bay, Maple Bay, Thetis Island, Silva Bay • Sailpast & Brunch • August Cruise @ Desolation Sound Photos • Pool Party Social @ Dale & Melva's