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"The Well Rounded Boater"

After some brainstorming, we came up with a short list of what courses might consider:

  • Boating 1 - Boating Basics - To cover the legal requirement to carry a PCOC card
  • Boating 2 - Beyond Boating Basics - To extend the basic knowledge of boating including the fundamentals of Navigation
  • Boating 3 - Introduction to Marine Navigation
  • Restricted Operator Certificate / VHF License - To summon assistance should something go wrong on the water.
  • Introduction to Weather - To recognize weather patterns and changes while you are out there.
  • Electronic Navigation - Even if you just get the basics of Navigation in Boating Essentials and do not take more advanced navigation courses, you will want to know how the chartplotter works with their strengths and weaknesses.

For a full list of courses with descriptions, go to the "Course Information" page.

Did you Know....???

You may be required to carry more than one fire extinguisher on board....
For boats up to 6m, you need one (1) 5BC fire extinguisher if equipped with an inboard engine, a fixed fuel tank of any size, or a fuel-burning cooking, heating or refrigerating appliance.

For boats 6m - 9m - you need one (1) 5BC fire extinguisher if equipped with a motor AND one (1) 5BC fire extinguisher if equipped with a fuel-burning cooking, heating or refrigerating appliance

For boats 9m - 12m increase the 5BCs to 10BCs

For boats 12m - 24m, you need one (1) 10BC fire extinguisher at all of the following locations: at each access to any space where a fuel-burning cooking, heating or refrigerating appliance is fitted, at the entrance to any accommodation space AND and at the entrance to the machinery space. You also need one (1) fire axe and two (2) buckets of at least 10 L each...

For boats over 24m - Wow.. Congratulations on the lottery win - But you do need even more fire fighting equipment...

Firefighting equipment is something that is often forgotten but not something that you want to cheap out on... A 10BC extinguisher is not that much bigger than a 5BC extinguisher...

New on the market - Fire blankets - already shown to be the most effective method of putting out stove-top fires.

Did you Know....???

You are required to carry a magnetic compass on board....
As of 2011, all vessels, power and sail, paddle to power, are required to carry a magnetic compass on board as navigation equipment. The only exception is for vessels 8m (26'3") or less AND operated within sight of navigation marks.

There is no "hard and fast" rule to what is meant by "within sight of navigation marks" but one interpretation that has been used by local law enforcement is within 2 miles of shore. (You will not find that in writing.)

Another question you may ask is "Can I see the navigation marks if the fog rolls in?"

It does not need to be an expensive marine fixed compass, but you do want it to work when you need it. There's lots to learn about compasses. The CPS Seamanship course can help with that.

Did you Know....???

Are you carrying the right documents on board.
All powered vessels with an engine of 7.5 kw (10 HP) or greater need to be licensed or registered. That includes the separate dinghy you may be towing if it meets the power requirements. The license or registration needs to be carried on board.

Some of the newer documents now carry an expiry date - 10 years from issue. It's Transport Canada's way of making sure the information they have on file is current in times of emergency. Speaking of which, you are required to keep them current by advising them of any changes to ownership and address changes within 90 days.

Most boater should know that they are required to carry "Proof of Competency", usually in the form of a PCOC. Did you know that you also have to carry valid "Picture ID" as well in, order to prove that the PCOC is yours. (This is why we insist that the name on your PCOC application exactly matches you drivers license.)

How about your Restricted Operators Certificate (ROC-M / VHF License)? If you have the radio on board, there is presumption that you will operate it... If traveling across international borders (the dashed line down the middle of our Great Lakes) you are also required to carry and display a Station License.

Something for everyone to extend your Boating interest through the winter...