Executive Officers

Your 2021- 2022 Executive Committee

Elected Officers

District Commander:  Simon Dymock - Burlington Squadron
Executive Officer:  Barry McClinchey - Grand River Squadron
Educational Officer:  Alan McKeown - Port Dover Squadron
Administrative Officer:  Steven Cheu - Fort Erie Squadron
Secretary:  Glen Carruthers - Hamilton Squadron
Financial Officer:  Lembit Tamm - Port Dover Squadron
Membership Officer:  Ray Kirkham - Burlington Squadron

Appointed Officers

Assistant Educational (North West):  Barry McClinchey - Grand River Squadron

Assistant Educationl (South East):   Nick Louras - Fort Erie Squadron
Instructional Techniques Officer:  Ray Kirkham - Burlington Squadron
Marketing and Public Relations:  Diane Allen - Grand River Squadron
Operations Training Officer:  Ray Kirkham - Burlington Squadron
Electronic Communications:  Glen Carruthers - Hamilton Squadron
Rules Officer: Brian Elder - Port Dover Squadron
Historian:  David Durward - Fort Erie Squadron
Awards, Flags and Protocol Officer:  Nick Lauras - Fort Erie Squadron
Environment Officer:  Harvey Zaturski - Port Colborne Squadron
District 6 (USPS) Liaison Officer:  Garry Van Zandt - Fort Erie Squadron

Member At Large - Ian Munro - Burlington Squadron

Member At Large - Bill Allan - Grand River Squadron

Member At Large - Jim Brown - Burlington Squadron

Immediate Past Commander - Ray Kirkham - Burlington Squadron

Past Commander:  Nik Louras - Fort Erie Squadron