Hello Boaters,

Our Environment Officer is Marcel Simard. Best way to reach him is to use this email address: rvcc-bluenose@cps-ecp.org

Here is a copy of Enviro Boater which was first published in 1995. CPS-ECP and Bluenose Squadron have been concerned about our marine environment for many years. Although this publication is no longer maintained, most of the information and guidance is still valid when talking about our marine environment.

EnviroBoater A

Marcel would like to invite you to follow the Scotian Shores Ocean Warriors Facebook group and perhaps consider joining them in a local beach / shoreline clean up near you.

For other information we recommend that you click on the Environment Tab at the top of the CPS-ECP main pages. There are currently two headings there i.e., Boat Blue and Marine Mammal Regulations.

Another good resource for environmental information is BoatU.S. Foundation. They have a short course on clean boating. BoatUS Foundation Clean Water Course: https://www.boatus.org/clean-course/