What is an Associate Member?

An Associate Member is an individual under the age of 19 who has successfully completed the requirements to become a member. When the Associate attains the age of 19, they can apply to become a Full or Family Member.

How can I become a Life Member? Is there a one-time fee that I can pay?

In order to become a Life Member, a member is required to provide a minimum of 20 volunteer hours to their local Squadron, District or National each calendar year over a period of 20 years. Squadron or District Commanders or National Committee Chairs submit the names of members who have met the set criteria for the Chief Commander to approve at year’s end. You will receive one merit mark certificate, signed by the CC, for each year of volunteerism.

Does a Life Member pay a regular membership fee?

Life Members are not required to pay a membership fee as a reward for their many years and hours of service. However, Life Members are required to ‘renew’ their membership on an annual basis to ensure the CPS-ECP membership database is accurate and up to date.

If a Life Member wants to contribute to CPS-ECP, is there a mechanism to make a donation?

You can make a donation to the CPS-ECP Foundation for which you will receive a charitable donation receipt. There is no mechanism in place at this time to make a donation to the general fund at renewal time.

I am a Life Member. My wife is a Lady Associate. She does not appear on my family profile. Should she?

Yes. During the renewal process you can add her to your profile as a member of your group. If you have an issue, contact your Squadron or District Membership Officer for assistance. You will need your wife’s membership number.

When I log in to renew my membership and my wife’s, only my wife’s name appears on the page.

The name of the full member who has logged in does not appear. Only your membership number and expiry date show at the top of the page. The Family Members’ profile can be found on the lower part of the screen.

Pacific Mainland members pay a higher membership fee and receive the Pacific Yachting magazine. I do not read the magazine. Can I opt out of receiving the magazine as a cost saving measure?

You can edit your profile to indicate you do not wish to receive Pacific Yachting. The amount of your invoice should automatically be reduced by $10. If this does not work, contact membership@cps-ecp.ca for assistance.

My expiry date is incorrect. Are other members experiencing the same problem?

There was an issue when the data was transferred from the old system to the new system. The IT team is aware of this issue and is correcting expiry dates.

I just tried to renew. The system showed my renewal is on hold.

More information is required. Contact membership@cps-ecp.ca or call 1-888-277-2628 ext. 0159. Be sure to include your membership number.

When I renewed, I received a message indicating the transaction failed.

Check to ensure you are using a valid credit card. There is a glitch in the system that if you pause during the renewal process, the transaction fails. Contact membership@cps-ecp.ca or call 1-888-277-2628 ext. 0159 if still you’re unable to renew online.

I had a problem renewing online and ended up sending a cheque to National but I have no idea of the status of my membership at this time.

The ongoing pandemic has resulted in staff working from home. One person does go into the National office on a weekly basis to check the mail. As a result, there may be a delay depositing your cheque. Contact membership@cps-ecp.ca to confirm receipt of your payment.

I just attempted to renew following your instructions (see: My Members Area/01 Introduction /Live Event Recordings to view the entire seminar) and the system took me to Membership Information, not Renew Membership.

Try again. Log into the system and click on the Membership dropdown and click on the Membership Renewal tab. If you still are unable to renew, contact membership@cps-ecp.ca .

I am a Life Member. I do not see the Renew Membership tab.

As stated above, log into the system, click on the Membership dropdown and click on the Membership Renewal tab. Please note the fee is zero for Life Members and $30 for Family Members.

Will we still get renewal notices?

Yes. Email notices will be sent 45 days before your expiry date with follow-up notices sent 30 and 15 days before expiry, and on the day of expiry, and then 15 days after expiry if renewal has not taken place. The Squadron Membership Officer will contact members directly if renewal still has not taken place.

How will members without email receive notices and how will they pay their membership fees?

Members who do not have a valid email address will receive their notices in the mail. They can pay by cheque or call 1-888-277-2628 ext. 0159 at the National Office to provide your credit card information.

What is the CPS-ECP requirement to be a member?

In order to become a member of CPS-ECP you need to have proof of having successfully completing a PCOC course (any accredited provider) or successful completion of any CPS-ECP course, or submit an application to be a member outlining your maritime experience which will be compared to a Table of Equivalences.

What measures are being taken for those members who have not activated or reclaimed their profiles?

The 2021 Membership Renewal Project contacted all members who had not renewed in the past year.

How do I change my email address to a new email for the log-in?

For security purposes, all email address changes are done by National Office.  Please send your change of email address request to membership@cps-ecp.ca  Please indicate your old email address and the requested new mail address. 

I just completed my first course. My husband is already a member. What will my first-year membership cost?

As a new member your first-year membership will cost $60 minus 25 percent for a fee of $45. In subsequent years your fee will fall under the Family Membership fee of $30. Be sure to have your profile linked to your husband’s as the dues notice is sent to the Full or Family Head member.

Why is first-year membership no longer $35?

The Board of Directors approved the rate change in October 2020 in an attempt to simplify the first-year membership online process. The new rate of $60 minus 25 percent will be applicable as long as the student applies for membership within 60 days of their marks being submitted.

Lady Associate sounds rather archaic. Should this term be updated to better reflect current times?

This is not terminology that we will do away with. Earlier female members earned this designation through the successful completion of the Safe Boating Course (now known as Boating 1, 2 & 3) and were not allowed to be full members of CPS-ECP. This changed in the early 1980s at which time Lady Associates were given the opportunity to become regular members and pay the required membership dues, or remain as Lady Associates at no annual cost. We will not take this earned designation away from them.