CANCELLED: Safety Education and Flare Disposal Program

The Safety Education and Flare Disposal Program will no longer be offered. We have learned that Transport Canada through it’s Boating Safety Contribution Program, will no long be funding this program. So, as of now we will not be setting up or supporting any events that involve the collection of outdated flares.

The funding was used to cover the cost of flare shipping and disposal, insurance and other related expenses.

We would like to thank CIL Orion Explosives out of Lachute Quebec for their long-time support of this program and their contribution to the disposal costs.  We also want to thank our volunteers and host retailers who collected 250,000 flares and educated boaters during the duration of this program.

Unfortunately, we have no suggestions for the disposal of outdated flares as there are no alternatives. In the past, when the Office of Boating Safety, enforcement agencies or municipalities have been asked about this they forward all requests to us. We can no longer respond.

The Recreational Vessel Courtesy Check program will continue to be offered.

John Gullick,
Manager of Special Programs
May 31, 2024


If your flares have a manufacture date of 2020 or earlier they have or will expire this year. You can't light them, throw them in the water or in your household garbage to dispose of them.


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