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I have started the Transport Canada PCOC Test but was interrupted: what should I do?

Anything can interrupt the Internet connection between a web server and your personal computer. Internet does not have 100% delivery guarantee. To reduce the probability of disconnections, ensure that you have a reliable internet connection, preferably a wired DSL, Fibre or Cable connection (or a maximum level wireless connection). In case you get interrupted, contact the support desk at help.pcoc (help.pcoc @ cpsboat. org). A link to continue the exam will be emailed back to you.

I have clicked on "Write My PCOC Test" and I get an error message and cannot access the Test.

A) The error message is: 'MSG 1014TC You are not authorized to use this service. Please contact the website administrator'. Please access your “Full Profile” under “My CPS Profile” and verify that you have a full valid Canadian address, that your email address is also valid and that your gender is properly entered: this is found on page 2 of 7.If you have an international address or the correction you applied does not correct your access to the exam, please contact help.pcoc (

B) If you have a service interruption message, please wait for the end of the service interruption

C) If you have another message, please contact help.pcoc (help.pcoc @ cpsboat. org).

I have completed the Transport Canada PCOC Test and I have not received my temporary certificate.

Presently, your certificate should be emailed to you within 2 business days. If you do not receive your certificate within that time period, please first verify the accuracy of your email address in your profile. Then contact contact help.pcoc (help.pcoc @ cpsboat. org) to request your certificate again.

Contact CPS Headquarters

Phone :1-888-277-2628


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If you would like help in understanding any of the course material, our experienced boaters will respond to your email. The address is provided after login.

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