Competency Regulations

Competency of Operators of Pleasure Crafts

SOR/99-53 (Federal Legislation)

There are 3 forms of Proof of Competency

Legislation Extract:

(a) if the person has received a mark of at least 75 per cent on a test and has been issued a Pleasure Craft Operator Card (PCOC);

(b) if the person had successfully completed a boating safety course in Canada before April 1, 1999 and has a Boating Safety Course Completion Card or other written proof of that completion;

(c) in the case of a rented pleasure craft,

(i) only for the rental period, if both the person who makes the pleasure craft available for rent and the person who will operate the pleasure craft complete and sign before the pleasure craft is operated, a rental boat safety checklist that contains the information referred to in section 8, or

(ii) if the person meets the condition set out in paragraph (a) or (b).

How does it apply to CPS-ECP PCOC holders, CPS-ECP Members and Ex-Members?

  1. If you have a CPS-ECP issued PCOC after January 1st 1999, you are compliant.
  2. Membership Certificates issued following a Boating or Piloting course taken prior to April 1st 1999 is proof of competency.
  3. BoatPro or NautiPro certificates issued prior to April 1st 1999 are proof of competency.
  4. Membership Certificates issued after April 1st 1999 are not considered proof of competency

Can CPS-ECP issue a PCOC based on CPS-ECP competencies acquired prior to April 1st 1999?

Yes. Effective June 1st 2011, it is possible. Qualified active members can obtain a PCOC for $15.00. Inactive members, past members and non-members can request a PCOC, if qualified, for $25.00

A CPS-ECP Membership or Course Certificate issued before April 1st 1999 was lost. Can I get a replacement from CPS-ECP?

Yes. CPS-ECP maintains the boating education records of most members and students since 1948.

Note: If we cannot find your record in Archive, CPS-ECP will not be capable to issue a replacement certificate or PCOC. CPS-ECP Records were computerized for active members after 1986. To help narrow down the search, please provide the name of the Squadron where you took the course with and the year.

Does CPS-ECP recommend that boaters with Boating Safety Course written proof of completion issued before April 1st 1999, by CPS-ECP or other boating training organization, obtain a PCOC?

Yes. Even though the two other forms of proof of competency are acceptable, for convenience and faster recognition by enforcement authorities, we recommend that you obtain a PCOC. The PCOC is convenient: it is wallet size, waterproof and can fit in a PFD pocket.

Also, the present CPS-ECP PCOC and Boating courses are the only Canadian certification accredited by National Association of Boating Law Administrators (NASBLA) in the United States and therefore recognized by the U.S Coast Guard.

Why doesn't CPS-ECP issue a "Boating Safety Course Completion Card" as suggested in 4. (1) (b) of the regulations?

Because Transport Canada has recognized our courses provided before 1999 as proof of competency to issue a PCOC.

How fast can a Replacement Certificate or PCOC be obtained?

It depends if your files are in the Electronic Database (Members after 1986) or in archive. Expect your certificate between 2 to 6 weeks. However, we recommend that you write the test to obtain a PCOC, which is the most easily recognized proof of competency.