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Environment and Weather

Seminar - Tropical Weather for Winter Boaters - ONLINE

Suggested Prerequisite None

Details The course material is available online 24/7.

This online seminar can be started as soon as you receive the link or by going to the course calendar drop down on the main web page and selecting Moodle Login. The Seminar is designed to be done in o... Read morene sitting of about 90 minuets. Many boaters like to spend all or part of their winters sailing in tropical waters, and no doubt wonder what sort of weather they might encounter. The meteorology behind winter weather in the Tropical Zone is very much different from that which we experience here in the mid-latitudes. This seminar gives provides a quick review of mid-latitude weather, and then explains the differences that we would find in the tropics, and why they are different. A good follow up of this course would be Weather for Boaters which is a multi week course with Tutor support.Read less

Start Date: Sep 1st, 2022

Start Time: 1:00 AM

Contact: Eric Phinney
(506) 643-0799

Address: , NB

Class Status: 47 Seats remaining

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