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Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons offers a series of courses in boating knowledge that build from the basic courses required by law to what you’d want to know to cross the ocean. Our boating courses are available online or in-person. 

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Environment and Weather

Weather for Boaters - ONLINE

Suggested Prerequisite None

Details The wise boater respects and anticipates mother nature’s many moods. This course will improve your understanding of the systems that cause weather. It will help you use forecasts more intelligently and to augment forecasts with local observations. This will improve your decision making. It will help you develop keen judgments in “reading” the sky and sea for optimum boating safety in and around Canadian waters. Newly developed for adult learners, this course will measure learning success not by closed-book, memory-work exams, but by practical, open-book applications of learned concepts to actual boating situations.

This course is not offered yet.