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Just Ask John
John Gullick fields many of the calls for information that come to CPS-ECP National Office in Toronto. He has agreed to share some of the questions and his responses with you. For questions not answered here, just ask !
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Reporting in when arriving at U.S. Ports
Q – What do I do to report in when entering a U.S. port?
A – This is a question that I get asked over and over again and the response seems to change every year as U.S. Customs and Homeland Security tweak their requirements. Here is the latest reporting in suggestion that recently came across my desk: The Small Vessel Reporting System (SVRS), a voluntary program offered by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), helps boaters report their arrival to the U.S. at no charge. The program is designed to expedite entry of legitimate boaters, enabling CBP officers to focus their attention on higher-risk travelers and craft. SVRS is available to: U.S. Citizens, nationals and lawful permanent residents; Canadian citizens; and permanent residents of Canada who are nationals of a Visa Waiver Program country. Enrolling is quick, easy, and free via the Internet in just three steps:
1. Complete application at https://svrs.cbp.dhs.gov/Default.aspx
2. Schedule interview online with CBP officer
3. Receive boater registration number and password by email. SVRS participants report their entry to the U.S. quickly, by calling a dedicated telephone line and responding to the questions. (CBP reserves the right to hold an inperson inspection if needed.) The system is currently available in the Southeast at Florida, Puerto Rico, and the United States Virgin Islands. It is also deployed at the U.S./Canada border. Please share this information with members of the boating community, especially the links below: Enrollment page (not case-sensitive): https://svrs.cbp.dhs.gov/Default.aspx
Audio of announcement – for sharing or broadcast: http://dvidshub.net/r/6mv47y.
Question About U.S. Registered Pleasure Craft in Canada
Q – Can you bring a US registered pleasure craft into Canada by water and leave it in Canada for a navigation season to be used in Canada?
A – Yes you can, but after the vessel has been here for 45 days continuous you will have to meet all Canadian requirements. ie. you will need to prove operator competency either with a valid certificate from your own State or a Canadian Pleasure Craft Operator Card, items like your PFD/Lifejackets with have to be Canadian approved and you will require all of the Safety equipment as outlined in Canada’s Safe Boating Guide. A free booklet from Transport Canada (TC) that is available at most marinas or by contacting TC’s office of Boating Safety.

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