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Recreation Vessel Courtesy Check (RVCC)

Would you bet $200?

That’s the cost of a fine for not having the required safety equipment in good working order on your boat. Let CPS-ECP volunteers help you beat the odds.

We will check your boat for free… and if you have everything you need, you’ll get a Safety Inspection Sticker*.

If you don’t have everything… we will explain exactly what you should have on board so you can be sure to win that bet.

And once you are boating safely, you’re not just saving $200 - you could be saving your life.
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Contact a coordinator below for more information:
National Volunteer Coordinator
National Office Coordinator
Ontario Region Volunteer Coordinator
Région du Québec; coordonateur et formation
Maritime Region Volunteer Coordinator and Training
Pacific Region Volunteer Coordinator and Training

*This sticker won’t guarantee that enforcement officers won’t ask to see your safety equipment, but as long as you don’t take anything off the boat that was there when it was checked – you should be confident that you are in compliance and won’t get a fine for safety equipment violations.

If you wish to volunteer to become a specialist, please contact your regional coordinator.
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