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Introductory Courses

Boating Basics (PCOC)
The Operator Card Course
Prerequisite: none
Boating Essentials
Recommended: PCOC
Boating Essentials
Including PCOC
Prerequisite: none
This course covers Operator Card requirements.
*One year complimentary associate membership upon passing
Boating Basics gets you out there, Boating Essentials brings you back.
*One year complimentary Regular Membership with PCOC and Boating Essentials
Get your PCOC card and learn about plotting and navigation.
*Formerly The Boating Course.
See both listings for courses near you.
*One year complimentary Regular Membership
PCOC for Youth student kit
Prerequisite: none
The Operator Card seminar, ages 8-12.

Study course material included with all classroom courses.
These courses meet all requirements of Transport Canada and is approved by the National Association of State Boating Law Adminsitrators.
Recognized by the United States Coast Guard.