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Squadron Classroom Course & Event Calendar

The Pleasure Craft Operator Card
Course also available online
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Event DateEvent DescriptionEvent Location
Boating Basics 2014 (PCOC)

Approved Boating Seminar

Boat Pro Short Course

Boating 1 (PCOC)

Boating 1 - Boating basics

Boating Bascis Tuesday May 15th, 2018

Boating Basics (PCOC)

Boating Basics Seminar

Boating Basics (PCOC)

Challenge The PCOC Exam

PCOC Operators Card

PCOC, Pleasure Craft Operator Card Course

Pleasure Craft Operator Card Challenge Exams

  Boating Basics

Boating Basics - Feb. 19th, 2019

Boating 1 (Pleasure Craft Operator Card)

PCOC- Boating Basics

Boating 1 PCOC March Break

Boating 1 PCOC Spring Course

Boating 1 - Boating Basics - March/April - 2019

Boating 1 (Pleasure Craft Operator Card)

PCOC Boating 1 spring 2019

Boating 1 - Boating Basics- April/May 2019

PCOC- Boating Basics

Boating Basics Seminar-PCOC May 14-16 2019

Boating 1 – Boating Basics - PCOC

Maritime Radio