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PCOC Study Guide

PCOC Study Guide

The CPS-ECP Pleasure Card Operator Card (PCOC) boating safety manual Boating Basics is approved and recognized by:
  • Transport Canada*
  • NASBLA National Association of State Boating Law Administrators in the USA
  • United States Coast Guard
No other Canadian course provider has a Canadian PCOC course accredited in the USA!
Boating Basics Course manuals:
Operator Card Seminar
Prerequisite: none
PCOC for Youth student kit
Prerequisite: none
This course covers Operator Card requirements.
The Operator Card seminar, ages 8-12.
Note: Course material included when you register to a complete classroom course.
* The CPS boating safety manual, Boating Basics, has been approved by Transport Canada on the basis that it meets the minimum requirement of basic boating safety knowledge set out by Transport Canada's Boating Safety Course and Test Syllabus. (TP 14932)
Approved by: *
Accredited & Recognized