Chart Reading for Beginners
The is an excellent teaser for the boater who has his/her PCOC, but would like to learn more navigation and seamanship skills, and would like to get a glimpse of what sort of information and courses are available. Subjects cover the latitude/longitude system navigators use to locate points on earth’s surface, basic navigation chart reading, the magnetic compass, tides and currents, and buoyage systems.

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AIS For Recreational Boaters
AIS or Automatic Identification System, is a wonderful collision avoidance aid for those who do their boating in areas with a moderate to high volume of heavy shipping traffic. The intent of the seminar is to help the prospective buyer decide which is the best unit for his/her  needs. There is enough easy-to-understand technical and operational information, including a comparison chart, to make it easy to decide.

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Celestial Navigation in a Nutshell
This seminar on this traditional and reliable offshore navigation method, was written by a skilled navigator, for the boater who wants to do some serious offshore cruising, maybe even challenge a transoceanic crossing, and needs a Plan B to back up his electronic navigation equipment. While by no means a full celestial navigation course, this is an excellent introduction to the two celestial navigation courses offered by Canadian Power and Sail  Squadrons, and covers all the basics.

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Tropical Weather for The Winter Boater
Many boaters like to spend all or part of their winters sailing in tropical waters, and no doubt wonder what sort of weather they might encounter. The meteorology behind winter weather in the Tropical Zone is very much different from that which we experience here in the mid-latitudes. This seminar gives us a quick review of mid-latitude weather, and then explains the differences that we would find in the tropics, and why they are different.

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Tides and Currents
Anyone who does all or most of their boating on our oceans, must have an intimate knowledge of the natural cycles of the tides, and the sometimes dangerous currents they can generate. This seminar cannot cover every detail of tides and currents, but is an overview of tidal basics and is an excellent primer for the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons courses, Near Shore Marine Navigation Level 1 and Level 2. Inland waters, such as the Great Lakes do not experience tides, but there is a short section in the seminar dedicated to the “seiche,” a natural, irregular phenomenon, that causes tide-like changes in water levels in these waters.

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