Executive Officers

Your 2021 – 2022 Executive Committee

Elected Officers

Commander:   Mike Johnson
Education Officer:   Mike Johnson
Administrative Officer:   Tom Masson
Financial Officer:   Anne Masson
Secretary:   Cynthia Robins
Membership Officer:   Scott Savage

Officers: All of our Officers were Elected on May 11, 2021

Webmaster:   Michael Scott Orr
Officer at Large:   Marc Drouin
Liaison:  John Hinksman
Assistant Financial Officer:   Walter Kowalchuk
Assistant Financial Officer:   Michael Scott Orr
Assistant Membership Officer:   Walter Kowalchuk
Assistant Educational Officer:   Walter Kowalchuk
Financial Review Committee Chair:   Greg Schnarr
Signing Officer:   Michael Scott Orr
Signing Officer:   Mike Johnson
Signing Officer:   Anne Masson

Past Commander:  Peter Ladouceur

Instructor B1:   Ian Casey
Instructor B1:   Andy Whyman
Instructor B2:   Andy Whyman
Instructor B2:   Cynthia Robins
Instructor B2:   Bill Frenke
Instructor B2:   Marc Drouin
Instructor B2:   Mike Johnson
Instructor B2:   Gerry Thompson
Instructor B3:    Andy Whyman
Instructor B3:    Cynthia Robins
Instructor B3:    Bill Frenke
Instructor B3:    Marc Drouin
Instructor B3:    Mike Johnson
Instructor B3:   Gerry Thompson
Instructor B4:    Marc Drouin
Instructor B4:    Mike Johnson
Instructor B5:    Marc Drouin
Instructor B6:    Marc Drouin
Instructor B6:   Lenn Holmberg
Instructor B7:   Lenn Holmberg
Instructor Boat & Engine:   Pierre Halasz
Instructor Electrical: Gerry Thompson
Maritime Radio (VHF ROC (M):   Ian Casey
Maritime Radio (VHF ROC (M):   David Hoff
Maritime Radio (VHF ROC (M):   Anne Masson
Maritime Radio (VHF ROC (M):   Ryan Glaves
Maritime Radio (VHF ROC (M):   Mike Johnson
RVCC:   Tom Masson
Examiner:   Haitham Alkaddour
Examiner B2, B3, Electrical Systems:   Gerry Thompson
Examiner RocM, B2, B3, B4:  David Hoff, Ryan Glaves, Mike Johnson, Walter Kowalchuk and Anne Masson