Course Information

  • Boating 4 Course: Near Shore Navigation (On-Line Learning)

Starting 14 Jan 2021, an instructor will use the GoToMeeting web conferencing app (free to students) for 14 weeks on Thursday evenings at 7 pm (Eastern Time) . There will be a mid-course break and an optional exam 15 April.

The course will be delivered in a blended format by instructors from Kingston and Brockville Squadrons combining advanced preparation through the Moodle platform (available 24/7) . Weekly on-line review sessions as well as one-on-one virtual sessions are arranged with a local tutor. Students are asked to pre-read and pre-view all the posted materials for the weekly sessions, which will last around 90 minutes. Student study kits will be mailed out through Canada Post shortly after each student registers. While the course is open to those who have not taken Boating 3, we strongly recommend all students already have a basic knowledge of dead reckoning, including standard plotting and labelling, upon which we will build in Boating 4. If you have not taken Boating 3, we suggest you contact one of the instructors: Phil Morris, 613-329-5540 or Jurek Romaniec 250-858-7244.

To  register, please visit: course=boating_4_blended&cps-course-id=166

  • Maritime Radio Course Self-Study On-Line

The Maritime Radio self-study on-line course is an integrated version of the classroom course and provides a Moodle link for 60 days for students to study at their own pace. The link includes the CPS Maritime Radio Student Notes manual, videos and power point presentations, Digital Selective Calling simulations along with practice exam questions and answers. The course provides a Restricted Operators Certificate (Maritime) Digital Selective Calling which is required to operate a Marine Radio.


After registering you should receive several emails from CPS-ECP: A receipt ($100 fee includes the course, exam and wallet card), a link (good for 60 days from the date you register) and instructions to access the material to help you prepare for the exam. During COVID -19, the exam is given one-on-one with the instructor using a video meeting.

Register at any time. (The course date shown on line is the date the squadron posted the course.) Please visit:

Please call the Kingston Maritime Radio Instructor, Peter French 613-650-1615 for assistance and when you are ready to schedule the exam