Welcome to the
Sunshine Coast Power & Sail
       (Serving the Coast from Langdale to Halfmoon Bay)


Welcome to the Sunshine Coast Power & Sail Squadron web site

Who We Are:

  • A committed community of experienced boaters, national in scope, working together as volunteers to promote safe, enjoyable boating for all.
  • Our Mission: to provide relevant training and services which will improve boating safety and pleasure and fellowship among members.
  • Coast Squadron counts more than 160 members. We have won the District award for two years running now for having the greatest percentage increase in membership, year over year.
  • Provide Education and Training using a nationally provided buffet of standardised courses covering all aspects of boating.
  • Provide Other Services useful to the boating community (Safety Checks, Flare Disposal Events, Collaboration with Other Maritime Organisations and Social Activities)

Quick Links:

We offer courses fall, winter and spring. Click here for a quick peek at what's courses and workshops are coming up soon.

Go to Boatingcourses.ca to see course details and register


Contact Us: 778-734-0737

Email: sunshineccps@gmail.com