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Canadian Power Squadrons began in 1938 right here in Western Ontario when a group of boating enthusiasts from Windsor took the United States Power Squadrons' Junior Piloting course and later formed the Windsor Power Squadron.

Shortly thereafter two other Squadrons formed in Sarnia and London. On October 14, 1941 these three groups met in Chatham and formed Canadian Power Squadrons. Little is known of activities of Canadian Power Squadrons during WWII, but on October 27, 1947 the organization was incorporated through the granting of a charter by the federal government.

By 1959, the corporation had 2,500 members and 42 Squadrons and extensive changes were made to its Constitution to introduce a District structure, so that District Commanders replaced Squadron Commanders as Members of the Governing Board.

Canadian Power Squadrons began as an all-male organization and various changes were made throughout the years to define a role for women in the organization. In 1973, the By-laws were amended to allow full membership to women.

In 1985, the corporation changed its name to Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons (CPS) and added, in French, Les Escadrilles canadiennes de plaisance (ECP) to recognize its broadening membership identity, growth and market trends.

With the formation of Squadrons in Saskatchewan and Newfoundland in 1990, Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons became a truly national corporation with Squadrons from coast to coast in every province.

The significant event for boaters in our area was the formation of the Port Stanley Squadron in 1960 later to be called St. Thomas Power and Sail Squadron.

Be It Known that upon application duly made and pursuant to resolution of the Governing Board of Canadian Power Squadrons, a Squadron has been constituted, known as

 Port Stanley Squadron
to consist of
 Philip Birch, John DeWetter, F. W. Glover, H. Holmes, S. W. Luke, D. M. Mansell,
R. Moore, H. A. Secord, D. A. Waud, Dr. R. A. Waud
 and such other members of Canadian Power Squadrons, as may be elected to membership therein. This warrant is granted subject to provisions of the By-Laws of Canadian Power Squadrons, and the Regulations of its Governing Board now or hereafter in force. In Witness Whereof, this Warrant bears the seal of Canadian Power Squadrons and is issued under the hand of its Chief Commander and Secretary this 19th day of November 1960.
  Donald E.Wood S                                              Alex R.Neville AP
 Secretary                                                             Chief Commander
Today the Squadron is known as St. Thomas Power and Sail Squadron and has served this area for more than 50 years.