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District History

Rideau District came into existence in 1972 when the former Rideau - St. Lawrence District was divided. At one time there were nine Squadrons in the District. However in recent years Seaway Valley Squadron (which was originally called Iroquois Squadron) & Rideau Lakes Squadron surrendered their charters while Escadrille de l'Outaouais elected to move into neighbouring Maisonneuve (now Amiral) District.

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Past Commanders

Years Incumbent (Squadron)
1972/73T.L. Stubbs, JN (Brockville)
1973/75R.K. Wanless, JN (Ottawa)
1975/76G.T. Fowler, AP (Seaway Valley)
1976/77W.H. Smith, AP (Kingston)
1977/79John Richards, N (Ottawa)
1979/81Jack Jeswiet, N (Brockville)
1981/83Charles M. Crewe, AP (Brockville)
1983/85G.C. Silverthorne, AP (Ottawa)
1985/87Ralph C. Smith (Britannia–Rideau)
1987/89Evelyn Clue, AP (Ottawa)
1989/91Don Bell, AP (Rideau Lakes)
1991/92Bert Cory, AP (Kingston)
1992/94Archie Bower, JN (Rideau Lakes)
1994/96Marilyn Gowan, S (Cornwall)
1996/98Howard Peck, N (Britannia–Rideau)
1998/00Stuart McNeely, AP (Britannia–Rideau)
2000/02Ronald Hume, JN (Kingston)
2002/04John Boocock JN (Kingston)
2004/06Barry Brown (Brockville)
2006/08Jean-Yves Bordeleau (Cornwall)
2008/10Linda Hamilton AP (Ottawa)
2010/12Cathie Johnstone (Ottawa)
2012/14André Dubois (Kingston)
2014/16Bryan Carroll (Ottawa)
2016/18Guy Ladouceur (Ottawa)
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Past Training/Education Officers

Years Incumbent (Squadron)
1972/73Paul Ladelpha, N (Britannia–Rideau)
1973/77Jack Jeswiet, N (Brockville)
1977/81Ralph C. Smith, JN (Britannia–Rideau)
1981/85Daryl Collard, N (Britannia–Rideau)
1985/87Bill Newlands, N (Britannia–Rideau)
1987/89Joe Lowe, AP (Oiseau Rock)
1989/93Sharon Davies, AP (Outaouais)
1993/94Bruce Pettitt, N (Britannia–Rideau)
1994/96Dick Herington, AP (Kingston)
1996/00James MacLeod, N (Ottawa)
2000/02Ann Seddon (Cornwall)
2002/04Bob Wellwood AP (Kingston)
2004/06Bill Kerr S (Ottawa)
2006/09Janice Bunge S (Oiseau Rock)
2009/12Ralph Ogilvie (Brockville)
2012/17Robert Dandurand (Britannia-Rideau)
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Past Executive Officers

Years Incumbent (Squadron)
1972/73R.K. Wanless, JN (Ottawa)
1973/75G.T. Fowler, AP (Seaway Valley)
1975/76W.H. Smith, AP (Kingston)
1976/77John Richards, N (Ottawa)
1977/79Jack Jeswiet, N (Brockville)
1979/81Charles M. Crewe, AP (Brockville)
1981/83G.C. Silverthorne, AP (Ottawa)
1983/85Ralph C. Smith, JN (Britannia–Rideau)
1985/87Evelyn Clue, AP (Ottawa)
1987/88Bill Newlands, N (Britannia–Rideau)
1988/89Don Bell, AP (Rideau Lakes)
1989/91Bert Cory, AP (Kingston)
1991/92Archie Bower, JN (Rideau Lakes)
1992/94Marilyn Gowan, S (Cornwall)
1994/96Howard Peck, N (Britannia–Rideau)
1996/98Stuart McNeely, AP (Britannia–Rideau)
1998/00Ronald Hume, JN (Kingston)
2000/02John Boocock, JN (Kingston)
2002/04Barry Brown (Brockville)
2004/06Jean-Yves Bordeleau (Cornwall)
2006/08Linda Hamilton, AP (Ottawa)
2008/10Cathie Johnstone (Ottawa)
2010/12André Dubois (Kingston)
2012/14Bryan Carroll (Ottawa)
2014/16Guy Ladouceur (Ottawa)
2016/17Bill Corcoran (Kingston)
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Past Administrative Officers

Years Incumbent (Squadron)
1972/73G.T. Fowler, AP (Seaway Valley)
1973/75W.H. Smith, AP (Kingston)
1975/76John Richards, N (Ottawa)
1976/77Jack Jeswiet, N (Brockville)
1977/79Charles M. Crewe, AP (Brockville)
1979/80D.H. Hall, AP (Kingston)
1980/81G.C. Silverthorne, AP (Ottawa)
1981/83Ralph C. Smith, JN (Britannia–Rideau)
1983/85Tony Titterington, AP (Brockville)
1985/86Daryl Collard, N (Outaouais)
1986/87Joe Lowe, AP (Oiseau Rock)
1987/88Don Bell, AP (Rideau Lakes)
1988/89Bert Cory, AP (Kingston)
1989/91Ken Finlay, JN (Britannia–Rideau)
1991/92Marilyn Gowan, S (Cornwall)
1992/94Howard Peck, N (Britannia–Rideau)
1994/96K. Joan Feltham, AP (Britannia–Rideau)
1996/98Ronald Hume, JN (Kingston)
1998/00John Boocock, JN (Kingston)
2000/02Kathleen Hopkins, S (Ottawa)
2002/03Judith-Ann Hume (Kingston)
2003/04Jean-Yves Bordeleau (Cornwall)
2004/06Linda Hamilton AP (Ottawa)
2006/07Marny McNeely (Kingston)
2007/08Cathie Johnstone (Ottawa)
2008/10Phil Newsome (Brockville)
2010/12Frank Keating (Ottawa)
2012/14Guy Ladouceur (Ottawa)
2004/17Nancy Richards (Ottawa)

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Life Members

Britannia–Rideau Squadron
Babs Devine
Joan Feltham
Ken Findlay
Bertrand Southiere
Brockville Squadron
Don Bell
Barry Brown
Don Cruickshank
Marjorie Fowler
Garth Gjerlevsen
Jack Jeswiet
Lou Lockner
Larry Nerlich
Stephen Palfrey
Tom Stubbs
Oiseau Rock Squadron
David Hunter
Charles Langlais
Ottawa Squadron
James Dean
Pierre Garneau
Linda Hamilton
Kathleen Hopkins
Doug Horsfall
Cathie Johnstone
Frank Keating
Bill Kerr
Jim Macleod
Jean-Francois Milotte
Robert Morgan
Dave Omond
Bernie Poirier
John Richards
Gideon Silverthorn
Paul Weisbrod
Rosine Weisbrod
Cornwall Squadron
Robert Earle
Jacques Fortin
Marilyn Gowan
Mona Joncas
Roger Lalonde
Glen MacDonald
Christopher Nurse
Joseph Rotheram
Kingston Squadron
Judith-Ann Hume
Ron Hume
Herman Kuipers
Craig Moffatt
Doug Morphy
Graeme Morrissey
Bill Newlands
Des O'Meara
Marc Raymond
Steve Testart
Clyde Wagner
Phil Whittingstall
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Senior Navigators

Brockville Squadron
Ralph Ogilvie
Kingston Squadron
Carmen Knapp
Herman Kuipers
William Moffatt
Bill Newlands
Ottawa Squadron
Susan Baker
Walter Bilous
Jim Dyer
Nelson Guillemette
Jim MacLeod
Bob Morgan
Bruce Pettitt
Philip Poichuk
Bertrand Southiere
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The Stirrer Upper Award

Donated by Kingston Squadron and presented annually at the District AGM in the year shown.

1974R. Wanless
1975G. Fowler
1976J.D. Richards
1977N.W. Brush
1978R.C. Appleton
1979D.B. Morphy
1980W.F. Taylor
1981A.K. Findlay
1982R.E. Pettit
1983A.C Bower
1984D. Collard
1985J.J. Lowe
1987Barry Brown
1988Ian Ross
1989R.G. Valiquette
1990Craig Cole
1991Wayne Turner
1992Craig Cole
1993Howard Peck
1994Paul Powers
1995Dick Herington
1996Larry Brown
1997Ed Gauthier
1998Jim MacLeod
1999Larry Brown
2000Jessica Austria-Henderson
2001Fred Peterson
2002Don Cruickshank
2003Nick Puddicombe
2004Roger Duchesne
2005No Award
2006Frank Keating
2007Cathie Johnstone
2008Frank Keating
2009Guy Ladouceur
2010No Award
2011Ralph Ogilvie
2012Peter French
2013Robert Dandurand
2014Walter Bilous
2015Bill Corcoran
2016Gerry Morris
2017Tom Beaver
2018David Root

The Squadron Achievement Award

Donated by Howard Peck for “Education, Participation and Management”. The Award is presented annually at the District Annual General Meeting in the year shown.

1997Escadrille de L'Outaouais
1998Ottawa Squadron
1999Brockville Squadron
2000Kingston Squadron
2001Cornwall Squadron
2002Ottawa Squadron
2003Rideau Lakes Squadron
2004Oiseau Rock Squadron
2005Brockville Squadron
2006Ottawa Squadron
2007Oiseau Rock Squadron
2008Britannia–Rideau Squadron
2009Britannia–Rideau Squadron
2010Kingston Squadron
2011Brockville Squadron
2012Britannia-Rideau Squadron
2013Ottawa Squadron
2014Kingston Squadron
2015Ottawa Squadron
2016Britannia-Rideau Squadron

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