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Rideau District Education Program

District Education Program

The courses offered by the Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons are open to the public and are delivered by volunteer members of the Squadrons. If you are interested in any of the courses above please contact the Training Officer of your local Squadron. A link to the Squadron’s web site is located above and the Training Off icier’s contact details can ususally be found on the page labelled “Bridge.”

The following courses are considered core courses and are normally taken in numerical order:

  • Boating 1 — Boating Basics: Get your Pleasure Craft Operator Card
  • Boating 2 — Beyond the PCOC: More than your Boating License
  • Boating 3 — Introduction to Marine Navigation
  • Boating 4 — Near Shore Marine Navigation Level 1 - P (Piloting)
  • Boating 5 — Near Shore Marine Navigation Level 2 - AP (Adv. Piloting)
  • Boating 6 — Offshore Marine Navigation Level 1 - JN (Junior Navigator)
  • Boating 7 — Offshore Marine Navigation Level 2 - N (Navigator)


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