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Rideau District

The District comprises five Squadrons. Kingston, Brockville and Cornwall Squadrons are based (west to east respectively) on the north shores of eastern Lake Ontario and of the St Lawrence River and Seaway.  Britannia-Rideau and Ottawa Squadrons are based in the National Capital Region. Britannia-Rideau Squadron also extends to Perth, Westport and Smiths Falls in the Rideau Lakes and Rideau Waterway between Brockville/ Kingston and Ottawa.

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About Rideau District

Rideau District is geographically large; 178 statute miles (287 km) from Deep River in the northwest to Cornwall in the southeast and 104 miles (168 km) from Kingston in the southwest to Ottawa in the northeast.

The elevations of boating waters in the District range from highs of about 429 ft (130.9m) above sea level on the Tay Canal at Perth and 500 ft (152.5m) on the Holden Lake section of the Ottawa River. The lows are 152 ft (46.5m) on the St. Lawrence River below Cornwall and 137 ft (41.8m) on the Ottawa River above Carillon Dam. Lake Ontario is at 243 ft (74.1m).

The neighbouring CPS Districts are Quinte District to the southwest, Voyageur District to the northwest and Amiral and St Lawrence Districts to the east. District 6 of United States Power Squadrons lies to the south.

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Squadron Information

Squadron Founded ID No. Members Newsletter Name Commander
Britannia-Rideau 1964 1214 160 Running Fix Robert Dandurand
Brockville 1955 1201 117 Meanderings Wayne Lawrence
Cornwall 1961 1202 66 Seaway Soundings Lloyd Chaput
Kingston 1954 1204 246 Companionway May Corcoran
Ottawa 1952 1208 301 Rideau Ripples Robin Craig

With the introduction of Web Based Administration (WBA) ID Numbers have changed, Rideau District is now “10012” and the Squadrons as shown above.

Membership numbers are as of June 15th 2017.

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