The RCAF Trenton Power & Sail Squadron
 Learning here gives you a lifetime of fun and safe boating
Welcome! The RCAF Trenton Power & Sail Squadron makes its home at the Canadian Forces Base Trenton Yacht Club, and provides safe boating courses for both military and local civilians. A large number of Squadron members also belong to the Yacht Club, making it easy to coordinate and support both Squadron and Club activities.

Flares Demo

By Fletch


About 22 members attended the flare demo put on by John Brewster of CPS and Chris Foster of the Club. Like any emergency procedure, it is good to actually do it when not under the stress of an actual emergency. The first thing I noticed firing my flare gun was the kick, didn’t expect that. I hope this will be an annual spring event and I encourage all to participate. I still have old flares if you need some.


First and foremost, the flare gun needs to be treated like a firearm.

1) NEVER POINT THE FLARE GUN AT ANYTHING OR ANYONE. Keep your hand away from the front of the barrel.

2) Finger OFF THE TRIGGER until your ready to fire it.

3) Be sure you are aware of the direction of the barrel and the flare at all times. 

Although it's not illegal to carry expired flares, they don't count as legally required flares and as seen at the demo, they MAY fire, but may not perform as required or expected.

Note: the couple of 7 year old 12 gage Twin Star flares I used all fired, many of the hand held did not.








The Mission of Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons is to increase awareness of safe boating by education and training members and the general public, by fostering fellowship among members and by establishing partnerships and alliances with organizations and agencies interested in boating.

The RCAF Trenton Power and Sail Squadron pursues these objectives in the Trenton area. The Squadron hosts a number of boating courses for members and non-members; events are organized in the community and among the membership to increase awareness of boating safety; and, many members have benefited from and enjoyed the activities planned by the Squadron throughout the year. In addition, the Squadron actively participates with other agencies in establishing regulations governing boating, and in identifying opportunities to improve our enjoyment of safe boating.

The Squadron currently consists of approximately 130 members. In April of each year, the Squadron holds its Annual General Meeting when the Squadron Bridge is elected/appointed. The Bridge is headed up by a Commander who will normally hold the position for one and possibly two years, then pass the helm over to their Executive Officer. The Bridge normally meets every second Thursday of the month at the CFB Trenton Yacht Club for an "Executive Meeting" to conduct the business of the Squadron.

Membership in Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons can be a very rewarding experience. If you are currently a CPS member and are not on the Squadron Bridge or otherwise involved in upcoming Squadron activities, we can use your help. If you are not a member and are interested in boating safety, we encourage you to consider taking the "Boating Course" this winter. Should you have any questions on any matter concerning CPS, please feel free to contact any of the Squadron Bridge officers or any person flying the CPS flag on their boat.