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Calendar of Events
Check out the courses and other events being offered in Quinte District this fall and into 2018 as follows and register now:

Ajax Power and Sail Squadron - http://boatingcourses.ca/cities/Ajax
Oshawa Power and Sail Squadron - http://boatingcourses.ca/cities/Whitby
Watch for the Prince Edward Power and Sail Squadron Float in the Bloomfield Night Time Santa Claus Parade, November 24, 2017. The following day, November 25, 2017, members of the Squadron and Guests are invited to the annual Squadron Christmas Breakfast at Isaiah Tubbs Resort and Conference Centre, 1642 County Road 12, City of Prince Edward County, starting at 9 a.m.
RCAF Trenton Power and Sail Squadron presents Twoney Tuesdays with a good late of topics.
Tuesday December 5, 2017 titled “A THOUSAND ISLANDS FLOTILLA CRUISE” by Bob Forgues, Eric Lawlor and John Fear with some perspectives from Anne Fear. In late August 2017 a flotilla of three boats set sail from CFB Trenton Yacht Club to cruise the scenic Thousand Islands. They rendezvoused at Main Duck for a swim, and then sailed on to Cape Vincent to interview with Homeland Security. From there it was on to Clayton to visit the Antique Boat Museum and then around Grindstone Island to re-enter Canada at Gananoque and on to the beautiful Trident Yacht Club on the Bateau Channel for a serious BBQ. Meanwhile the remnants of hurricane Harvey were quietly sneaking up on them and made for an interesting couple of days. The cruise ended with a trip up the Napanee River to find a peaceful anchorage with absolutely no waves, guaranteed.
Tuesday January 23,  2018 and so far is titled:  “SAME PLANET, DIFFERENT POLES’" with Phyllis Durnford and John and Anne Fear celebrating mid-winter with an evening at the poles.
Phyllis will tell the story of her cruise through part of the original NorthWest Passage in August/September 2017, aboard the Russian sonographic research vessel   “Akademik Sergey Vavilov”. She left Resolute Bay, Nunavut with a Lancaster Sound gale blowing. Gale force winds, along with missed landings, inability to launch Zodiacs due to sea conditions, and pack ice that wouldn’t allow access to scheduled shore landings were some of the stories of this cruise. Highlights were community visits, Zodiac cruises in a whale sanctuary, being buzzed by an RCAF Coastal Patrol aircraft, and getting up close and personal with a female walrus.
John will describe a cruise to Antarctica on a small ship “Le Diamant” with 198 passengers that he and Anne took in 2008. The ship left from Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego and crossed the Drake Passage to the Antarctic peninsula, where they visited a number of stations including volcanic Deception Island, Port Lockroy, the Lemaire Channel, and Nebo Harbour with its breathtaking views of a gigantic glacier. Shore trips were by Zodiac, clad in rubber boots and parkas, and whales were everywhere. For a grand finale to the voyage, the captain  backed the ship up under Cape Horn for a champagne party.
RCAF Trenton Power and Sail Squadron 2018 Course Schedule
All courses are held at CFB Trenton Yacht Club.   
Boating 3 – Introduction to Marine Navigation February 5, 2018 to March 26, 2018
Maritime Radio - April 9, 2018
Register for any of these courses at http://boatingcourses.ca/cities/Trenton
Flare Safety and Demonstration Day: RCAF Trenton Power and Sail Squadron will again be hosting, along with 8 Wing Trenton and CFB Trenton Yacht Club, our 2nd biannual flare safety and demonstration day at the end of the 2018 boating season. This will again allow local boaters to be able to legally dispose of their outdated flares (must be replaced after four years from date of manufacture) while at the same time learning, through hands on firing of their outdated flares, how these things actually work. It is too late to learn when an emergency strikes your boat. Put Saturday September 15, 2018 on your calendar for this event. There will be more information as the date draws closer next boating season.
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If you are interested in all things boating, visit the Members Section of the CPS-ECP website (log in required) to explore member benefits and other valuable information, have a look at what our neighbours to the south in United States Power Squadrons District 6 are doing or take an Online PCOC Course. You can also find other information of interest through our links.  
Quinte District is part of Canadian Power and Sail Squadrons and covers an area bounded in the west by the city of Ajax, in the east by the city of Prince Edward County, in the north by the cities of Peterborough and the City of Kawartha Lakes, and on the south side Lake Ontario.

The District Council meets four times a year at the Cobourg Yacht Club. Anyone is welcome to attend a District Council meeting.

We have seven Squadrons in Quinte District that offer boating courses and have a number of special events throughout the year.

To make inquiries about the District or its Squadrons you can contact District Council Officers or the Commanders of the Member Squadrons.