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The CPS 2011 Canadian Safe Boating Awareness Week, in partnership with Transport Canada, is an opportunity to reach the recreational boaters and equip them with the information they need to enjoy their boating pursuits. CPS strives to ensure that all Canadians who head out on the water are equipped with the knowledge required to have a safe day.
CPS 2011 Canadian Safe Boating Awareness Week Social Media Release Release Date May 11, 2011
Safe Boating Week Event Calendar

Safe Boating Week Key Messages
Be Prepared


Radio Ads
Download all three radio spots (mp3s, 1.3MB)
Editorial Messages
Key Messages
Be Prepared: A, B
Take A Boating Course: A, C
Beware Cold Water Risks: A, B, C
Wear Your Life Jacket: A, B, C
Don't Drink and Boat: A, C
Safety Alerts