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Calendrier de cours offerts en classes et des activités sociales d'escadrilles

Nom de l’activitéBoating 6 – Off Shore Marine Navigation Level 1 (JN)
SquadronLake St Louis

Junior Navigator is the study of offshore (open coast) navigation. It is designed as a practical, how-to course using GPS for offshore navigation with sun sight taking using a sextant as a backup technique. The more advanced techniques for other celestial bodies and sights are for study in the subsequent Navigation Course.

JN subject matter includes: basic concepts of celestial navigation; how to use the mariner's sextant to take sights of the sun; the importance and techniques of accurate time determination; use of the Nautical Almanac: how to reduce sights to establish lines of position (LOPs); and the use of GPS, special charts, plotting sheets and other navigational data for offshore positioning and passage planning.

Duration: 5 to 8 weeks (TBC), 1 night per week.

For more information call 514-900-9761, or e-mail us at cps.st.lawrence.district@gmail.com

Date et heure
de l’activité
Thursday September 14, 2017 to
Thursday April 12, 2018
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