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Nom de l’activitéIntroduction to Weather - 2018
SquadronLake St Louis

Introduction to Weather for Recreational Boaters

New Day/Date - Mondays!

Winds, waves, fog, lightning, hail, tornadoes.... hurricanes! The wise boater respects and anticipates Mother Nature’s many moods. Beyond “Red sky in the morning”, this course provides boaters with the tools to find and accurately interpret weather reports and forecasts, and to develop keen judgments in “reading” the sky and sea for optimum boating safety in and around Canadian waters. Newly developed for adult learners, this course will measure learning success not by closed-book, memory-work exams, but by practical, open-book applications of learned concepts to actual boating situations.

This is a primary course and no background is necessary.


1. The Atmosphere, Temperature, Heat

2. Wind, Pressure, Waves, Near-shore Wind/Wave Effects and Seamanship

3. Water, Humidity, Fog, Precipitation

4. Stability, Clouds

5. Thunderstorms, Tornadoes, Hurricanes

6. Mid-Latitude Weather and Storms

7. Weather Services

Duration: 8 weeks, 1 night per week

This is an elective course and there is no prerequisite course required.
Date et heure
de l’activité
Monday January 22, 2018 to
Monday March 12, 2018
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