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Pacific Mainland District
Tide Table - Point Atkinson
Weather - Marine Forecast: SOG South of Nanaimo
Weather - Vancouver

1) When prompted for a user name and password use vizaweb and vizaweb

2) Click on the frequent users link. You will see an image of North America with some control buttons on the right hand side. Across the top are a number of drop down menus.

3) Select:

- Product 1: LAM 2.5km West

- Run 1: It defaults to the latest run given in the format YYYYMMDDZZ, which for the LAM is either 06Z or 18Z. If it is within 6 hours of the latest run all the data may not be in so you may need to choose the previous run. The ZZ is for Zulu time (Greenwich) which is 8 hours ahead of PST.

- Domain 1: LAM Southwest BC (that covers most of the island and inner waters) or LAM Lower Mainland (which gives a more detailed view of our local waters)

- Category 1: Wind

- Images 1: Sfc wind

- Hours 1: All

The site will then display image 1, the first hour of the forecast.

4) Click the “>>” button in the Animation section on the right hand side to automatically show the 42 hours.

6) You can rewind, speed up, slow down the animation or go to a particular hour’s image.

For more info click here.
Marine Weather for Dummies and other documents

Oil Spill Reporting

The Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC), commonly known as Burrard Clean, has issued new phone numbers for the emergency reporting of oil spills.

The numbers are: 604-294-9116 and 1-855-294-9116

All submitted reports will be relayed by WCMRC to CCG Marine Communications & Traffic Services (MCTS).