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Quarterdeck - The Newsletter of the Port Moody Power & Sail Squadron

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2019 Sept

Fall Events • Lecture: Should I Stay or Should I Go •  Cruising Party • Halloween/Bowling Party •  Fall Course Descriptions •  Pictures: Summer Cruises • Captains Table: Corn Shrimp and Fennel Stew

2019 June

Fall Course Descriptions • Summer Cruises  •  Pictures: Easter Cruise Bowen Island • AGM/COW  • Commanders Ball  • Spring Tune-Up • Sail Past • Victoria Day Long Weekend - Iron Bay • Captains Table: Pot Roast Packets

2018 Oct

An update from the Commander after the National AGM • Details for Remembrance Day Ceremony • Winter/Spring courses • Safety Alert • Summer Fun photos

2018 Apr

Spring Tune-Up:Cinco De Mayo • Special Feature: Family Story Nicole Neuman • Easter Cruise • AGM/COW Notice • Student Cruise • Captains Table: Beer Can Stuffed Burgers

2018 Feb

Maritimers Club Kick-off Party • Easter Weekend Cruise • Vancouver Boat Show • Captains Table: Chicken Fajitas in Foil Packets • Bridge List

2017 Dec

Safety Recall Kiddle Fire Extinguishers • Christmas Ships Photos • Remembrance Day Service at Belcarra Park • Captains Table: Baked Stuffed Pork Tenderloin

2017 Oct

New Membership Assistant: Jenn Doerksen • Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup Rocky Point Park • Southern Cruise Report: Canada Day Theme • Northern Cruise Report: Beach Party Theme, Pender Harbour Squadron BBQ • Labour Day Weekend Crusie to Bowen Island: Survivor Game, Golf Tournament • Captains Table: Easy Paella with Shrimp, Chicken & Spicy Sausage • Story: Prawns, Music and Dinghies, Oh My! by Pawcific Purrsea Boat Cat. • RVCC Booth at Rocky Point Boat Launch • White Russion Pudding Shots & Spiked Fall Cider

2017 Jun

New Commander: Julie (Ryder) Bruce • Spring Tuneup RVCC Safey Day at Reed Point Marina • Easter Cruise to Bowen Island • Change of Watch Titanic Theme • May Long Weekend Cruise: Backyard Bash, Casadorez Cove, Indian Arm • Captains Table: Fattoush Salad with Shish Taouk, Lebanese Chicken Skewers • PMPSS Members Volunteer in Boat For Hope

2017 Apr

RVCC Inspector Training • Feature: Packing Food For A Month Cruise - Part 2, by Cynthia Oldham • New Boating App: Discover Boating Canada • Captains Table: Corn Chowder with Shrimp and Bacon • Social Event: St Patricks Day at Burrard Public House • New To Fleet: R&R * Burgee Travels to Cuba

2017 Feb

Spring Student Classroom Photos • Feature: Packing Food For A Month Cruise - Part 1, by Cynthia Oldham • Captains Table: Salmon Cakes with Srirach Lemon Aioli • Boat Show Cruise Photos

2016 Dec

CPS-ECP AGM COW in Vancouver • Remembrance Day Service • Dave Burrell Ladder Recovery • National Electronics (VHF/ICOM) Instructor of the Year Award - Lynn Meisl • National Memberhip Award (STAR) Jim Church • Captains Table: Rustic Tomato & Coconut Fish Soup, Eggnog Martini • War & Nautical Flags Hoisted on Nia

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Year-Month Newsletter Contents
2016 Oct Pt2

Golf Tournament Photos Con't • Captain's Table: Mushroom Asiago Chicken • Member Group Photos • Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup • New Communication Tool: WhatsApp, PMPSS'rs • Story: What I Love About PMPSS by Tannis Goddard, Dianne Kakanowski, Melissa Forbister

Southern Cruise: Canada Day Theme • Cruise Master (Steve DeWitt) Report • Northern Cruise Photos • Labour Day Weekend Cruise: Snug Cove Bowen Island, Mexican Red Solo Cup Theme Golf Tournament

2016 Jun

New Commander Tony Gojevic • Change of Watch: Meadow Gardens • 2nd Annual Backyard Bash Cruise: May Long Weekend Casadorez Bay, Indian Arm, Gilligan's Island Theme & BBQ at Jack and Lynn Meisl Cabin • Captain's Table: Grilled Tex-Mex Chicken with Spicy Peach Plum Salsa • Willys Galley Open: Life Preserver Gift from PMPSS • Spring Tune-up & RVCC Day at Reed Point Marina • Port Moody Safety Fair • New to Fleet: Orca Myst • New Lyrics to Gilligan's Island Song • Funny Member Photo Captions • Story: What I Love About PMPSS and It's Members by New Editor Dianne Kakanowski

2016 Apr

Student Grad • New Mobile Merchant Payment Terminal • Transport Canada: Digit Publications for Boaters • Easter Cruise to Snug Cove • New to Fleet: Seventh Heaven • New Crabmeister: Dave Edgar • Wedding Announcements: Minstrel Crew, Ghost Rider Crew, Captain Holiday Crew • Membership Renewal Information • Galley Grits: Antipasto Platter • Willys Galley Opening Soon

2016 Feb

New PMPSS Pull-up Banner • Winter CPS-ECP Courses • Canadian Hydrographic Service Update • Future of Paper Charts • Recreational Boating Advisory Council Update • Local Bridges Update • Christmas Ships Cruise • 2015 Year in Review Photos • New to Fleet: Sea Casa & Merlin V • New Member Benefit: Fugawi, Steveston Marine • Galley Grits: Crispy Cod Meal • CASBA Award

2015 Dec

Fall Student Cruise • Canadian Hydrographic Service: Future of Paper Charts • Halloween Party at Burrard Public House: Dress Like Dave Burrell • Remembrance Day Service•40th Anniversary Party at Burrard Public House: 1st Commander Roger Pearson • Meet Clifford • Galley Grits: Fish Taco Meal Recipe • In Memorial: Joan Eyolfson Cadam, CPS-ECP Port Hole Editor & Author

2015 Oct

PMPSS Wins CPS-ECP Marketing Award: Pull Up Banner • New Proctors Derrik & Cathy Luder, Melissa Forbister and New Instructor Tom Kakanowki • Mustang Recall: Inflatable PDF • GPS Installation Tips • Northern Cruise: Desolation Sound & Princess Louisa • September Long Weekend Cruise to Bowen Island: 2nd PMPSS Golf Tournament, Buddy And The Scarecrows, Jeanette Gordon Birthday • Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup at Rocky Point • Best and Worst Golfers and other Winners • Galley Grits: Smoked Teriyaki Salmon and Sriracha Cream Sauce Recipes

2015 Aug

Transport Canada: Applying For A Pleasure Craft License Article • Canada Day Southern July Cruise • Past Quarterdeck Newsletter Covers • Galley Grits: Crab Ragoonies Recipe • New PMPSS Environment Facebook Page

2015 Jun

AGM & COW Report • New Commander Sukru Yigit • Spring Student Graduation • STO Year End Report • Customs and Cruising Article • East Cruise to Bowen Island • Commanders Sailpast Circle Raftup • Party Bus to Meadow Gardens • May Long Weekend: Indian Arm, Pirate Dinghy Poker Run• Crabmeister Steve DeWitt • New Crabmeister Trophy & Cash Prize • Dinghy Photos • Galley Grits: Cheese Grits with Prawns & Gravy Recipe by Jim & Kim Church • BC Artificial Reef, Sinking of HMCS Annapolis Destroyer Article

2015 Apr

Student Cruise • Millionaires Game and Exam Night • RVCC and Safety Day Article • PMPSS Sailpast Protocols and Procedures • Story: Dalmatia By Boat, by Zdenko Erceg • Welcome Copacabana • Burgee Travels To New Orleans, Australia, Puerto Vallarta, Cancun, Hawaii, Roche Harbor • CPS-ECP One Time Membership Card Announcement • Galley Grits: Shrimp Wonton Soup, Dim Sum, Dipping Sauce Recipes • Port Moody Town Hall Meeting on Boat Anchorage in Burrard Inlet

2015 Feb

Fall Student Grad at Burrard Public House• I Got Caught Wearing My Lifejacket T-Shirts • Canadian Coast Guard Update • Canadian Hydrographic Service Update • BC Ferries Update • Vancouve Port Authority Update • Christmas Ships Cruise, Tony Datham Photos • Penguin Plunge, Ken & Cher Zotek Plunge • Vancouver Boat Show Report • Galley Grits: Salmon & Dill Frittata, Lox & Cream Cheese Bagels, BBQ Salmon with Lemon Recipe • PMPSS Letter of Appreciation from CPS-ECP on 40th Anniversary

2014 Dec

Fall Student Cruise •CPS-ECP: New Boating Skills Virtual Trainer • Socials: Harvest Wine Tasting Tour Report • Remembrance Day Service Report & Story of Veteran on Canadian Ten Dollar Bill By Lynn Meisl • Dave Edgar New Cruisemaster • Galley Grits: Blackened Miso Cod, Fried Rice-A-Roni, Orange Sesame Salad Recipes • Sea Star Deaths Mystery Solved

2014 Oct

Fall Boating Courses Report •Environment Canada: Navigating in Fog Article • Southern Nights Cruise Part B: West Side of Vancouver Island •Northern Lights Cruise: Comox Nautical Days, Beach Lobster Fest, Dinghy Concert With Robin Landry • Pacific Mainland District Rendezvous: Telegraph Marina, Thetis Island • September Long Weekend Cruise: Ice Bucket Challenge, 1st PMPSS Golf Tournament • Crab Meister Brian Phillips• Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup & Family Picnic: Rocky Point • Purrseaus Wins Bailey Boat Cat Book Thanks to Squadron Voters• Galley Grits: Lobster Tails, Linguine Boursin Alfredo Sauce, Dill & Potato Salad, Feta & Watermelon Salad Recipes

2014 Aug

Meeting of The Squadrons: How We Can Help Each Other • Our Instructors Are Boaters Too: Tony Gojevic • Teen PCOC Class Report • Preventable.ca Article • PMD Roster • May Long Weekend to Silva Bay, Gabriola Island • Boat For Hope Report • Southern Nights Cruise, Gulf Islands • 1st Annual Small Boat Cruise to Squamish, Howe Sound Beer • New to The Fleet: Blue Ocean • Galley Grits: Cheese Cocktail Canapι Combinations• Burnaby Squadron on Breakfast TV Article and Video Link

2014 Jun

AGM & COW Report • New Commander Jeanette Gordon • PMPSS Wins Best Membership Retention PMD AGM • Student Grad at Burrard Public House • Our Instructors Are Boaters Too: Allan Pope • Easter Cruise to Bowen Island, Group Karaoke • Safety Day, Swap Meet, RVCC Checks • Commanders Sailpast, Hawaiian Theme • Galley Grits: Crab Patties, Crab A La King, Crab Louie Salad, Grilled Crab Recipes• List of Volunteer Merit Marks

2014 Apr

Student Snow Cruise • Our Instructors Are Boaters Too: Lynn Meisl • Open Education Night: Tragedy to Lessons Learned by Jeff Baille, Burrard Sailing Club, Volunteer RCM-SAR Speaker Neil Wildman • Social Event: Giggle Dam Dinner Theatre, Captain Jim and The Power Sailors" • Cold Water Boot Camp: Hypothermia • Geocaching and Cruises Article by Julie Ryder • Fleet addition: Davey's Locker III • RCM-SAR Volunteer Neil Wildman passes SARnav 1 Course• Burgee Goes to Australia, Turkey, Croatia, Hawaii, Texas, California • Galley Grits: Food Safety Quiz

2014 Feb

Fall Student Grad at Burrard Public House • Our Instructors Are Boaters Too: Dave Burrell • Transport Canada: Vizaweb • Santa's Christmas Ships • Penguin Plunge: Cher Zotek & Glenn Richmond Take the Plunge • Vancouver Boat Show and Cruise with Dine Out Vancouver • Meet Peaches • Dennis Hewson Awarded Hemeon Trophy from American Magician Club • Galley Grits: Chowder Soup Base • Dissolution of Yukon Squadron

2013 Dec

CPS-ECP Award Winners Chris Gordon, Julie Ryder, & Membership • Student Cruise Report • Open Education Night: Navigating at Night, Lines & Ropes • Our Instructors are Boaters Too: Eric & Lillian Lusk • Story: Case of the Missing Chart Sections by Doug Cousins • Halloween Dance at Royal Legion • Remembrance Day Service • Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup, Plan C • Galley Grits: PMPSS Chili Recipe • New CPS website www.boatingcourses.ca featuring PMPSS Photo

2013 Oct

Our Instructors are Boaters Too: Chris & Jeanette Gordon • RCM-SAR Safe Boating Mobile App • Northern Cruise: Just Coast'n to Princess Louisa & Desolation Sound ,Tequila Tasting, Fishing Derby • CPS & Port Moody Centennial Days Community Picnic • Labour Day Cruise Report: Dockside Movie Night & Geocaching Workshop • PMD Integrated Cruise to Telegraph Harbour • Mini Cruise: Bedwell Bay Weekend Raftup • Incoming Cruisemaster Stephen McCoach • Chris Gordon Crabmeister • Galley Grits: Smores, Ice-Cream, Candy Popcorn • Burrard Inlet Restoration Program Article

2013 Aug

Transport Canada: Voyage Planning Article • May Long Weekend Cruise: Silva Bay • Mini Cruise: Roche Harbour Rally • CPS & Port Moody Centennial Days Parade • July Cruise: We Be Jammin to Gulf Islands • Meet Purebred Sheltie Jazz • Galley Grits: Gilled Pita Pizza, Grilled Fish • Whale Watching Etiquette Article

2013 Jun

AGM & Cow Report • New Commander Jim Church • Student Grad at Burrard Public House • VHF & MMSIS System Article• Easter Cruise Report: Pirate Dinghy Poker • Sailpast Report: Cinco de Mayo Theme • Ron Curties Awarded Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal • 15 Year Merit Marks to Melody Hewson, Dave Burrell & Steve Clark • Meet Purrseaus, A Boat Cat • Galley Grits: Ahi Tuna with Wasabi Beurre Blanc by Yvonne McCoach • List of Merit Marks

2013 Apr

Student Cruise, On The Water Practicum Report • MAREP Report •Smart Plugs Article • Mardi Gras Social Report • Vancouver Boat Show Report • Burgee Travels to Germany & Hawaii • Galley Grits: Boat Show Galleys, Instant French Stroganoff, Creamy Tuna Sauce, Alpine Meatballs, Sweet & Sour Shrimp, Red Curry Chicken Sauce Recipes • BC Fishing Licenses Salmon Stamp Article

2013 Feb

CPS-ECP 75th Anniversary• Who Wants to Be a Millionaire • PROs at Thrifty's and Port Moody City Hall •Fall Student Grad at Joe's Atlantic Grill • Transport Canada Vessel Registry Article • Santa Christmas Ships Cruise: How it Started • Penguin Plunge at Rocky Point • 10% Rona Discount Number• Galley Grits: Mushroom Risotto, Bean Burritos, Quick Paella, Shrimp Fried Rice , Rum Raisin Rice Pudding

2012 Dec

CPS-ECP Award Winners Julie Ryder Chris Gordon and Grace Burrell • Student Cruise Report • T-Shirt Giveaway Report • Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary Renamed to Royal Canadian Marine Search & Rescue (RCM-SAR) Article • Survey for Marine Weather Services • Cruising in Santa's Christmas Ships Article • Halloween Dance at Royal Legion Report • Remembrance Day Service Report • Story: The Great Winter Sailing Adventure of 2012 by Chris Gordon • Grandparents again • Galley Grits: Christmas Pairings, Cinamon Roll Pull-Apart, Spicy Apple Rum Toddy, Orange Chocolate Martini, Easy Pinwheels, Blue Candy Cane Shooter recipes • Future of Howe Sound Article

2012 Oct

Public Relations Officer Susan Cooper's Booth at Rona and Port Moody Library • 10 Hot Tips To Prepare Your Boat for the Cold Winter Months • Southern Cruise Part II: Locks, Lake Union, Seattle Report by Tony Gojevic • Northern Cruise: Desolation Sound and Hawaiian Themed Potluck at Gorge Harbour • Labour Day Long Weekend, Blind Bocce, Dock Appies, Model Speed Boats Report • Galley Grits: Bounty from the Sea, Homemade Sushi, Oysters, and Prawn Benny Recipes • Geocaching Treasure Hunt Article

2012 Aug

Diving Flag Awareness Article • Safe Refueling Article • Mini Cruise: "Rally At Roche" Report • Boat For Hope Report • Southern Cruise: San Juan Islands and Canada Day Part I • Member Milestone Birthdays • Galley Grits: Hawaiian Polynesian Sausages Recipe and Lava Smash Cocktail • Tsunami Debris Cleanup on BC Coastline Article

2012 Jun

AGM & Cow Report • New Commander Bruce Leavitt • Student Cruise Repor • I Got Caught Wearing My Lifejacket T-Shirt Giveaway Initiative • Stand Up Paddleboard Compliance Article • Recreational Craft Courtesy Checks Article • Easter Cruise Snug Cove and Trivia Games Report • Stephen McCoach Wins Green Jacket for Not Doing Anything • Dave Edgar Sings Four Strong Anchors • Bent Brick Glenn Richmond • Spring Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup Report • Sailpast Cruise and Circle Raftup in Bedwell Bay • May Long Weekend Cruise to Silva Bay • ; Levon Dean Youngest Crabmeister • Lawrence Schmidt Receives 30th Merit Mark Year • Membership Officer Jim Church Receives Best Membership Retention Award • Meet Oliver, a Golden Doodle Puppy • Galley Grits: Pirate Style Rum Glazed Pork and Spicy Pineapple Salsa, Grand Pineapple Mojito • Shark Fin Trade Banned in Port Moody Article.

2012 Apr

PMPSS Photo used as CPS-ECP Facebook Banner Photo • How and Where to Fly Flags on a Boat • Notice Regarding Pleasure Craft Sewage Discharge Article • High Rate of Flare Failures on Expired Flares Article • Story: Wanna-B Sailors by Bruce & Sheila Leavitt in Hawaii • Vancouver International Boat Show and Cruise Report • Featured Destination: Quayside Marina, False Creek Vancouver • Minstrel Crew Temporary Use of MV Pacific Pearl • The Winter Travels of our Members • Galley Grits: Food Storage on a Boat • Semi-Submersible Ships Transporting Scrap Metal Boats to China Article

2012 Feb

CPS-ECP Announces Online Courses • Fall Student Graduation at Joe's Atlantic Grill • Boating Basics Refresher Quiz • CIL/Orion Flare Recall • Disposing of Flares Article • Story: The Early Days by Dave Burrell • PMD Integrated Cruise to Port Browning • Featured Destination: Port Browning Marina, Pender Island • Santa's Christmas Ships Cruise Report, Recommend GPS and Radar Courses for night cruising • Meet Krypto • Galley Grits: Boater's Potluck Etiquette • Small Oil Spill Statistics.

2011 Dec

Student Cruise, On The Water Practicum Report • Winter Maintenance Tips • Winter Cruising Article • Harvest Moon Dinner & Dance Social at Executive Plaza Inn • Remembrance Day Service Report • Small Boat Cruise to Gibsons • Dave & Mavrick Burrell, Before and After 19th Birthday • John Northey Awarded Appreciation Plaque From PMPSS • Ron Curties Awarded Freedom of The City Award from City of Port Moody • Galley Grits: Premixed Seasoning Recipes • Burrard Inlet Kinder Morgan Expansion Article

2011 Oct

Northern Cruise to Princess Louisa & Desolation Sound Report • Labour Day Long Weekend Cruise: Mexican Theme • Family Picnic End of Summer BBQ Report • Great Canadian Shoreline Cleanup Report • Boating into US Waters Article • Fall Maintenance Tip: Humidity and Mildew Prevention • Boat as Alternate Emergency Shelter Article • New Grandparents • Dave Burrell new CrabMeister • Rod "Prawn Star" Bourke Retires from Cruisemaster • Grace Burrell New Cruisemaster • Galley Grits: Make Dock Appies Using a Star Frit Processor: Chicken Taco Cups, Crab Salad Cups • Quarantined Freighter in Burrard Inlet Article

2011 August

Letter to Executive Officer Thanking Squadron • Sunken Ships in Bedwell Bay Article • Boat For Hope Report • Pirates of the Caribbean HMS Interceptor Article • Southern Cruise to Victoria and Canada Day Living Flag Report • Falses Creek Fuels Opens • Carraholly Light Range Chart Update • Get Tidal Waters Sports Fishing License Online Link •  50th Wedding Annivesary • Website Changeover to CPS Portal • Galley Grits: Food Planning and Provisions for Boaters

2011 June

Annual General Meeting & Change of Watch Report • New Commander Lorraine Yigit • Boating Days at Reed Point Marina • Easter Cruise Report • Sail Past Report • May Long Weekend Cruise: Silva Bay • MV Zenyatta • MV Oki Doki • MV Getaway • Jack Meisl retires from Editor • Galley Grits: What's in Your Pantry by Yvonne McCoach • Derelict boats in Port Moody Article

2011 January Featured Members: Dave & Grace Burrell

Editor's COW Presentation - Photo Slide Show of Memberships "with or without" their lifejackets on.

News and Notices

PMPSS embarked on a program to increase public awareness of lifejacket and PFD safety. This was the brainchild of our Quarterdeck editor Julie Ryder. We had t-shirts printed up to hand out to people (especially kids) that we saw wearing their lifejackets appropriately. To do this, we solicited commercial and private sponsors to underwrite the cost of the t-shirts. These sponsorships enabled us to purchase 224 shirts! Thanks to those who bucked up!
Glenn Richmond - Kor-Kon Charters Ltd.
Lynn Meisl - JGM Management Ltd.
Sukru Yigit - Ultra-Tech Cleaning Systems
Gord Travis - Alouette Boat Charters
Donna Goy - Investors Group
Dave Bruce - Bruce's Marine Repairs Inc
Chris Gordon - Teligence (Canada) Ltd.

Steve & Yvonne McCoach
Bruce & Sheila Leavitt

Well done PMPSS, you rock!

Other news and publications:

CPS External Survey
Discounts at the Online Rope Store - See Member Benefits page.

Oil Spill Reporting

The Western Canada Marine Response Corporation (WCMRC), commonly known as Burrard Clean, has issued new phone numbers for the emergency reporting of oil spills. The numbers are: 604-294-9116 and 1-855-294-9116
All submitted reports will be relayed by WCMRC to CCG Marine Communications & Traffic Services (MCTS).