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since 1954

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 Chair  Historical Committee    Bob Skelsey
  A PEAK (high point) FROM THE PAST –
   Our Founding Members

     By:    Susan Smith,  Past Chair  Historical Committee

    In 1954 a group of 16 members of the Bay of Quinte Yacht Club,   
      who had successfully completed the Piloting Examination of the

     Canadian Power Squadron, were presented with the charter on

     March 30, 1954 for a local unit of the squadron.

Those members included:

O.L. (Bill) Bell - BQYC Past Commodore 1957

Freeman Burrows - BQYC Past Commodore 1958

Robert D. Boyce - BQYC Past Commodore 1959

John G. Tatham - BQYC Past Commodore 1960

Milt Davison- BQYC Past Commodore 1961

Rogers Riedel - BQYC Past Commodore 1965

G.H. Craig - BQYC Past Commodore 1966

F.H. Dunnett

James W. Jenkins

Rolf A. Knudsen

Frank J. Leach

Jack A. Marshall

Ian Morch

G.W. Morrall

Doug Pearsall

J. Lennox Smith

The Bay of Quinte Squadron currently has approximately 400 members and continues to

sponsor training courses and promote safe boating.