Piloting Table of Contents


Section 1:     Dead Reckoning and the Log

Section 2:     Marlinespike Seamanship

Section 3:     The Magnetic Compass

Section 4:     Fixed Aids to Navigation

Section 5:     Floating Aids to Navigation

Section 6:     Bearings & FIXes

Section 7:     Relative Bearings

Section 8:     Distance of an Object by Two Relative Bearings

Section 9:     Weather

Section 10:   Wind, Waves and Current

Section 11:   Seamanship Skills for Adverse Weather

Section 12:   Anchors and Anchoring

Section 13:   Tides

Section 14:   Tidal Currents

Section 15:   Navigating in a Current

Section 16:   Buoyancy and Stability

Section 17:   Hull Construction and Shape

Section 18:   Hull Performance

Section 19:   Propellers and Propeller Action

Section 20:   Rudders and Steering Mechanisms

Section 21:   Emergencies

Section 22:   Preparedness and Enjoyment

Section 23:   Introduction to Electronic Navigation

Section 24:   Manners and Customs