Extended Cruising Table of Contents


Section 1:         The Boat

Section 2:         The Sails

Section 3:         The Well-found Vessel

Section 4:         Passage Planning

Section 5:         Passage Making

Section 6:         Oceanography and Weather

Section 7:         Instrumentation

Section 8:         Adverse Conditions

Appendix A:     First Aid Kit and Travel Advisory

Appendix B:     Skipper's Check-list

Appendix C:     Pre-passage Check-list

Appendix D:     Sailors' Lore

Appendix E:     Fresh Water

Appendix F:     Suggested Repair Kits

Appendix G:     Navigation Equipment

Appendix H:     Naval Watch System

Appendix I:       Wind and Waves

Appendix J:      LORAN-C and GPS Comparison

Appendix K:     Maritime Mobile Nets