Celestial Navigation Table of Contents


Section 1:     The Sextant, Theory and Adjustments

Section 2:     Practical Sextant Work

Section 3:     Identification of Celestial Bodies

Section 4:     Sextant Altitude Corrections

Section 5:     Lines of Position from Celestial Observations

Section 6:     Time

Section 7:     Hour Angles and Aries

Section 8:     Time Diagrams

Section 9:     The Nautical Almanac

Section 10:   Solution for Intercept and Azimuth

Section 11:   Sight Reduction, Special Methods

Section 12:   Plotting LOP's and Fixes, Plotting Sheet

Section 13:   Pilot Charts

Section 14:   Great Circle Charts

Section 15:   Mercator Charts

Section 16:   Plotting and Deck Log

Section 17:   the Sailings

Section 18:   Traverse Sailing

Section 19:   Great Circle Sailing

Section 20:   Emergency Navigation

Section 21:   Duties of the Navigator

Section 22:   Day's work at Sea