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The Origins of Quinte District

Information provided by the late Simon Taylor, SN, RCAF Squadron

Quinte District came into being in 1959. Records, both Nationally and in Quinte District, are a bit sketchy in the early years, but there is no doubt Bay of Quinte Squadron, formed in the Belleville area in 1954, is the earliest. From Bay of Quinte sprang, in sequence:

  • Prince Edward, sometime between 1956 and 1958 (National records for those years are missing),

  • Presqu’ile in 1960, and

  • RCAF Trenton in 1961.

These four, together with Peterborough, formed independently in 1959, established Quinte District firmly by 1961, and thus the District remained until 1983, when Presqu'ile (Brighton-Cobourg area) fell into demise.

This weakened the District severely, and there were discussions on amalgamation with both York (now York East) and Rideau Districts, which fortunately proved unnecessary with the adoption into Quinte of Oshawa (formed in 1959) and Ajax (formed in 1976).

Both transferred from York East in 1988-89. Lindsay (formed in 1959) transferred from Georgian-Trent at the same time, a Squadron long coveted by Quinte District as it and Peterborough had co-operated in the past.

This brought the number of Quinte District Squadrons back to seven, augmented to eight by the formation of Northumberland in 1989-90, a Squadron that absorbed much of the area covered earlier by Presqu’ile. Unfortunately, in 1998, Northumberland surrendered Its charter, reducing Quinte again to seven member Squadrons.

Quinte District was unique in holding its Annual Rendezvous and AGM as a waterfront event for many years. It also hosted an International Rendezvous with USPS Squadrons at RCAF Trenton Yacht Club in 1964. This event may also have been held earlier at Bay of Quinte.
Either prior to or in preparation for distribution at the Rendezvous, Quinte District produces a newsletter, The Samson Post.